Captain Dolla on Emesse: We had very many rats at home and my sisters were terrified of them

Lawrence Aliyenka, also known as Captain Dolla, is one of Uganda’s upcoming Lugaflo and Dancehall artistes.
Captain Dolla. Net photo.
Captain Dolla. Net photo.

Lawrence Aliyenka, also known as Captain Dolla, is one of Uganda’s upcoming Lugaflo and Dancehall artistes.

The dreadlocked singer rose to fame last year, after the release of his hit song, Emesse. The song is currently enjoying massive airplay in clubs and radio stations, especially in Uganda and Rwanda.

Born December 26, 1993, in Nsambya Kampala, Captain Dolla is the seventh born in the family of nine. He went to Police Children School for his primary and St. Peter’s Nsambya for advanced secondary level.

He is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Procurement and Logistics at Makerere University Business School, (MUBS)

Dolla says that his passion for singing started at a very young age, though he discovered that he could actually sing in 2007.

“I started by miming at Nsambya Sharing Hall with my brother Mezaih. We used to mime almost all genres of music from rhythm and blues to Reggae and Dancehall,” he narrates.

When asked the story behind this controversial song, Dolla said that Emesse song was inspired by his childhood memories of rats at their home and how his sisters used to fear them.

“When I was young we had many rats at home and our sisters used to fear them so they would call us to kill them. That’s when I knew women fear rats,” he recalls.

“I sat down and imagined how it happens when married people are sleeping and the wife is calling her man to kill a rat that has just entered in their room and that’s how I came up with the story in my song,” the singer adds.

The Emesse hit maker survived death last month when he got involved in a car accident on his way to Kampala after a successful concert he had in Kinoni, Lwengo district.

“I received treatment from the best doctors and now I am very fine, alive and kicking. Just want to thank everyone who was there for me after the accident.”

Dolla will be performing in Rwanda for the his first time at a concert dubbed, Emesse vs Imitobe, this evening, September. 27 at Lemigo hotel and tomorrow in Nyamata.

“When I was invited to perform in Rwanda, I felt so happy. It feels great to be appreciated in another country away from home,” says Dolla.

He called on his fans in Rwanda to come to the show and witness the great performance he is set to offer them.

Apart from Emesse, Captain Dolla boosts of other songs like, Obubadi Jennifer Musisi and Sente, among others.



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