Rwanda has gold? Vision 2020 achievable

A story which appeared  in the Sunday Times that gold has been discovered by local prospectors in Western Province is timely as the country looks for funds to help speed up the Vision 2020.

Some of the pillars of this vision include reconstruction of the nation and its social capital.  The development of basic infrastructure, including urban planning and human resource in line with turning Rwanda into a prosperous knowledge-based economy is essential.

And, other pillars like development of entrepreneurship and the private sector, and modernisation of agriculture and animal husbandry, the country needs a sustainable source of revenue, if the vision is to be achieved in a timely manner.

Depending on donor money may not help the country achieve this marvellous vision. Donors at times are not dependable. They can pull out at the time Rwandans need their money most. So to guard against this, government and the private sector should pair up and invest in establishing the quantities of gold in Rwanda. If they find they (quantities) warrant heavy investment, then look for this money tomorrow.


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