UN turning a blind eye on persecution of DRC’s Rwandophones

Editor,Please allow me to comment on Joe B. Jakes’s column, “Perfect testing ground for future UN combat missions?” published in The New Times issue of September 9.
Monusco forces in Congo. Net photo
Monusco forces in Congo. Net photo


Please allow me to comment on Joe B. Jakes’s column, “Perfect testing ground for future UN combat missions?” published in The New Times issue of September 9.

Thank you Jakes for putting facts in light for those who had not gone into the factual analysis you have tabled. These are the bitter facts.

Actually the UN demonstrates that it is an advocate, a contractor and mercenary for these international watchdogs who “sympathise” with those they do not love but simply to blindfold them and steal their resources at whatever cost.

For those who think it is the UN fighting for them, you are far from the truth. President Joseph Kabila and the people of Congo will pay the price of this “sympathy” for their life time.

ICGLR has demonstrated the real approach to the problem on DRC, but this does not mean that UN does not know it.

Rather it simply ignored any peaceful resolution because it would potentially jeopardise the western interests in the Great Lakes region.

M23 has repeatedly urged peace talks but DRC, influenced by its western masters, rejected this approach, instead preferring bloodshed.

Otherwise how do you explain a situation where people who call for peace talks are fired on by so-called peacekeepers?

In 2009, when the government of DRC accepted to negotiate with the M23, the rebels laid down their arms and joined the government forces even before any promises by Kinshasa had been fulfilled.

What did the UN do to make sure that the DRC government implemented its part of the bargain to avoid a breakdown of that peace deal? Absolutely nothing.

Instead, the shouting starts only when minorities claim their rights. UN, what credibility do you deserve when some communities are heard, while others are ignored while they need help.

This does not mean that the UN has no facts. Far from it. Western governments, activists and lobbyists have all had time to study and internalise issues affecting this troubled region, and many will have been expected to understand the root causes of this unending conflict.

Yet it takes goodwill to genuinely address this issue.

Congolese of Rwanda’s descent are segregated against, persecuted killed, deprived of their rights in broad day light and the UN only turns a blind eye. Instead the UN accused these victims of state orchestrated violence of being war mongers.

If you are not judged today, history will judge you. Don’t you think you may be supporting another genocide in this region before your very eyes – after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda?

As you go on the frontline, you are fighting alongside Congolese troops (FARDC) who have openly integrated FDLR genocidaires into their ranks yet you know what the latter did in 1994!

The UN should have been the very first to condemn this but not even a commission of inquiry has been put in place to find out the truth (about FARDC-FDLR partnership), just because they are their ‘partners’.

This is the same with what is happening in Syria. What peace are we experiencing in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries where these so called super powers have gone to “help people get rid of their dictators”?

It is now common knowledge that where they do not have what to enrich themselves with, will not help the people! This is survival for the fittest but not in the name of humanity.

Ali Hereza, Kigali

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