GumaGuma stars bring down the house in Musanze

It was pomp and colour as the eleven contestants of the Primus GumaGuma Superstar (PGGSS 3) took over Musanze town for the third live show of the Bralirwa-sponsored music competition.
The crowd was massive
The crowd was massive

It was pomp and colour as the eleven contestants of the Primus GumaGuma Superstar (PGGSS 3) took over Musanze town for the third live show of the Bralirwa-sponsored music competition.

Ubworoherane Stadium was the venue and the weather in the usually chilly town did not disappoint as the residents of Northern Province poured in the district stadium in their thousands, ready to enjoy the music and cheer on their favourite contestants.

The show, which is the second last of the upcountry live shows, turned out to be yet one of the best, with the Musanze crowd proving to be the biggest and most cheerful.

The show kicked off early in the afternoon with MC’s Tino and Anita along with DJ Bissosso firing up the crowd before the contestants could hit the stage.

At about 2:15pm, Lion Imanzi took over the emceeing job to introduce the contestants and it could not begin on a better note. Riderman, who throughout this competition has proved his might, was the one to kick start the performances.

The rapper, who was sick last week returned to prove that he has fully recovered, performing ‘Abanyabirori’ and ‘Igitangaza’ to the delight of his supporting fans who follow him wherever he goes.

Riderman’s fans again proved that they are well organised, donning T-shirts emblazoned with his label ‘Ibisumizi’ as well as properly made banners. The group which calls itself the Riderman Fan Club (RFC) has a huge social network presence where they campaign for him, urging people to vote him.

Shortly after the performance, Riderman said he was confident of winning this year’s contest, judging by the reaction of his fans and the crowds in general since the beginning of the show.

As soon as Riderman and his entourage got off the stage, it was time for the self-proclaimed ‘International Hit’ Eric Senderi to claim it and as expected again, he had something new up his sleeve.

The ‘Icyomoro’ singer arrived on stage with dancers disguised as Gorilla’s, similar to those seen during KwitaIzina ( Gorilla naming ceremony). Of course no one expected this but as usual Senderi is a man of surprises. You can bet the people of Musanze, the Mountain Gorilla gateway, were impressed by his gimmick.

Senderi performed‘Jalousie’and‘Twaribohoye’ to which the whole stadium sung along, brandishing placards made out of national colours blue, yellow and green.

Danny Nanone was the third contestant to perform, belting out his‘Igikwiye’ and ‘Mbikubwire’ singles before a cheerful Musanze crowd.

Despite him fasting as any other Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan, Danny managed to put up a good show before he passed on the microphone to Kamichi.

The Afrobeat star belted out ‘Byacitse’ and‘Warambeshye’ which too were loved by the crowd. The singer too boasts of a group of loyal fans who follow him on every show brandishing big placards.

After Kamichi, Fireman took over the stage, rapping his way through the third live act. The Tuff Gangs man continues to beam with confidence as the contest advances.

Dream Boys sung ‘Jugujugu’ and ‘No one like you’ also proving that they are determined to win this year’s contest. They too have a huge fan base.

Bulldog then had his chance to impress the Musanze crowd after Dream Boys, performing his latest ‘Cinema’, concluding his performance with ‘Rikerinadivayi’ or rather ‘Liquor and Wine’.

RnB sensation Christopher started from where the Tuff Gangs man stopped, putting up an incredible performance of his singles ‘Habona’ and ‘Irijoro’, which was his breakthrough hit, in which he featured Danny Nanone. However the two cannot sing it together during the competition.

Mico ‘The Best’ Prosper followed with ‘Nakwimariyemo’ and ‘Sarafina’ with the support of his dancers.

The Queen of creativity Knowless arrived on stage in style, carried by her dancers from InganzoNgari in a traditional carriage known as ‘Ingobyi’.

It was used in the past to carry kings and chiefs but at the same time it would be used to transport sick people to hospitals before modern ambulances came.

Knowless again put up a wonderful show, proving that as the only female in the competition, she is ready to take on the boys.

The show could not end on a better note. It was Urban Boys to finally bring the curtains down on a wonderful evening, performing ‘Wampoyeiki’ and ‘Ibitenge’.

The boys with the support of dancers put up an energetic closing act.

It was then time for the judges to deliver their day’s verdict to the audit firm and the residents of Musanze went home with a smile on their faces.

The final upcountry live show is scheduled for Rubavu this weekend, as the annual music competition powered by Primus enters the most crucial phase of elimination.

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