Residents urged to turn up for registration

By Martin Tindiwensi

Gisenyi — Residents of Gisenyi have been called upon to fully participate in and support the ongoing country registration exercise aimed at a new census, as well as national identity cards, during a sector meeting.
Emanuel Mazimpaka said registration was essential for the 2008 parliamentary elections.
Emanuel appealed to residents to follow the instruction set for the success of exercise such as presentation of the old National Identity cards, army cards, Mutuelle, RAMA cards, driving permits and other documents issued by the government of Rwanda. 
“The registration will involve all categories of people from the newly-born babies to very old people and it is a very important exercise to the country because it will issue the actual number of citizens, which will facilitate for the country’s better economic planning,” he said.
“The exercise will also help local leaders at grassroots level to carry out proper planning for the residents in their specific area thus facilitating the achievement of  the set [Vision] 2020 goals in various sectors such as health, education among others.” 
He called upon the Imidugudu leaders to clearly identify the right people to be registered so as to avoid issuing of the National Identity Cards to wrong people.
“As Imidugudu leaders you should know residents in your respective areas to be involved in the exercise. The registration process was located at this level to facilitate accuracy due to the fact that Imudugudu are small divisions where by their leaders are expected to clearly know and identify their subjects.”
Meanwhile most residents are eagerly waiting for the data-based modern identification cards which they describe as the country’s big step in IT development. “We are eagerly waiting for the cards. It’s unfortunate that I personally have fewer documents to include on my ID such as the driving permit and the passport. I think this indicates the level at which Rwanda has reached in ICT,” commented Claude Nzabandora a resident in Rubavu cell, Gisenyi sector.

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