Energy saving bulbs be more available

First, I appreciate the move by the government and electrogaz for encouraging the use of energy saving bulbs in order to save power. They even made it better by availing these bulbs to all power users freely to all their customers.
Much as this move has encouraged the service users to actually realize that these bulbs are actually very economical on cash power, it has become expensive to those who want to buy more energy savers from shops as they end up with pirated products thus losing so much in the long run.
I would therefore appeal to the management of electrogaz to make them available to the population so that those who want more than two can be able to buy them from the electrogaz stations where they can be guaranteed quality for their money. On top of the two free ones, this will enable them to have more people using energy savers and producing a win-win situation for both the user and electrogaz.

Bob Rutaro

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