Save the young generation, help them have a free mind

First of all I would like to send my sincere thanks to UNICEF and the ministry of Family Promotion and Gender for organising the previous third children’s summit.
Giving children a chance to enjoy their rights should not only be the target; these children need to be taught how to live with the rest peaceful and without any segregation.
For a child to stand up and say that children whose parents are in prisons are not happy with the government, reveals to me that this child is not alone. This means that there is someone backing him or her up.
 As someone who is praying hard for Rwanda to have clean minded future leaders, I think there is a lot to do for these children.
“Charity begins at home” and the “First person to write on a paper is the owner.” they say. Dear parents, guardians and all people concerned, if our children are corrupted while still young, then the future is also corrupted.
Raising a free Genocidal ideology generation is not a one mans job, this calls for everybody’s effort to teach and raise children who are free from any Genocidal ideologies.
I call upon all organizations which deal with children to be open minded and help children who expose Genocidal ideas.
These children need to be given lectures on how beautiful it is to stay with people in peace and harmony. They also need to be told the consequences of having such dirty ideas. Let us all together work together to bring up a generation that is free from Genocidal ideas.  

Gasaza Immaculate

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