MPs break off


MPs start their two-month recess today, the Speaker Alfred Mukezamfura announced yesterday.
Speaking during a plenary session last evening at the Chamber of Deputies, Mukezamfura said all Members of Parliament are expected to report back for duty on October 6.
Mukezamfura remarked that the second session which started on June 6 was largely a success.
“There are a number of bills that have not been endorsed and are still in different commissions. We need to come back when the commissions are through with their work,” Mukezamfura said.
Some of the bills pending include governing the operations of the media, weapons and ammunitions and violation of human rights.
“We still have a lot to do, though we have ended this term we shall need you on several issues,” Mukezamfura added.
Mukezamfura said that MPs are expected to perform their responsibilities despite being in recess. He added the commissions would continue with their work to pave way for other issues as may be required.
Some of the major highlights in the concluded term include abolishment of the death penalty after comprehensive debate and consultations, the visit of the UK’s opposition leader David Cameron and the endorsement of the Rwanda’s accession to the East African Community (EAC).

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