Where will Kivu evictees go?

I have read in The New Times that the residents in all districts that border Lake Kivu and are living less than 50 meters from the lake shores will be soon evicted. This is because they want to fight against environmental degradation by protecting Lake Kivu because it is a treasure to the western province and it attracts tourists in the area. The idea of activities being carried out at least 50 meters from the lake to allow plantation of grass and trees alongside the lake is a very good idea because it would prevent muddy water from the neighbouring hills pouring into the lake. The move by the government to evict and relocate these residents is good but a lot comes to ones mind. These people have been living in these places for a long time and they call it home. Where is the government going to relocate them? How good is the land on which they are going to be relocated and will the land be enough for all these people? There is a lot to be considered when relocating these people because their present location along the lake provides enough water for both animals and home consumption. WILLY MUGISHA BUTARE
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