Reliance on aid is not a long term solution

Allow me space in your paper to express my views about how foreign aid must not be a remedy to problems affecting Rwanda. The celebration to mark Tax payers’ day that took place on Saturday was an example good enough to remind Rwandans that paying taxes cannot only develop them but also their lovely country. Like the Nigerian proverb that goes ‘He who is being carried doesn’t know how far the town is,’ foreign aid may make us loose the spirit of hard work in as far as developing our country is concerned. Yes, we need the aid, but it should simply act as pushing factor for us to develop and then be self reliant. There is a lot we can do in terms of hard work that can enhance low reliance on foreign aid. By doing that, we shall be living a legacy behind for future generations to judge us right that we worked and developed our country through hard work and patriotism. Edwin Gashumba Kimironko
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