Make life easy for EAC workers

After Rwanda joining the East African Community (EAC), it would be better if many issues that affect the peoples of the region are harmonised to make life easy. For instance, the visa requirements by foreigners working in Rwanda for persons from the bloc should be looked into. Many people from the region speak more than one language and with free movement of labour, people will crisscross the borders for employment. So, restrictions using visa and work permits should be relaxed to get the best in the labour market. As long as the person operating here pays taxes and contributes to social welfare schemes, he or she should be saved from the hazards of chasing for a visa. The East African governments should instead just ensure that the persons from the region are properly registered with their embassies to keep out fugitives running from prosecution from their countries. I hope the concerned persons will look into this and save us from inconveniences at Rwanda’s entry points from immigration officers. Dickens Rutaro Kimironko
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