HIV/Aids drop good news

I have learnt through your news paper that there have been a remarkable achievement is as far as fighting HIV/Aids is concerned. The report by the Rwanda Africa Pear Review indicates that the prevalence of HIV/Aids dropped from 11 to 3 per cent. The success is attributed to external support. It is this that I take this opportunity to thank all bodies charged with the responsibility of fighting like the UNAIDS-Rwanda, the ministry of health and AIDS research centres for their role in combating the problem. The decrease does not mean that we have to take issues lightly but to gather strength and step up the fight by using the ABC method of Abstinence, Being faithful to our partners and use of Condoms. It is our responsibility to assist ourselves and the government to stamp out HIV/Aids, by encouraging our friends to go for blood testing as it helps in understanding our HIV status and how to life positively if tested positive. It also helps in getting early treatment and counselling for those that have been infected. To those who have not yet contracted the deadly disease, it is useful for its one of the first steps to protect yourself after knowing your status. I dream of living in a free HIV/Aids environment if only we take seriously whatever is being told as regards HIV/Aids protection. Jovia Umuhoza Nyagatare

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