Faith-based schools top S.6

The Ministry of Education, yesterday, released results of the 2012 Senior Six examinations, in which faith-based schools excelled.

Jean De Dieu Manirakiza/ M/ E.SC. Byimana/  Pcb /027  / A
Rene Moise Kwibuka /M /G.S.O Butare / Pcb /020 /A
Shema Mugisha Christian /   M /E.Sc. Byimana/ Pcb /068 /  A
Jessica Laure Bonumwezi   /  F/ Ifak / Mcb / 002 /A
Jean Bosco Nsabimana / M  /  E.Sc. Byimana/ Pcb /053 /A
Nuwayo Eric Munyaneza  /M/ E.Sc. Byimana/ Pcb /036  /  A
Olivier Kwizera /    M /G.S Ape Rugunga /Pcm /010 /A
Eric Niyokuri  /M /E.S Kayonza / Pcb /048 /   A/
Fabrice Kwizera /     M/ G.S Saint Andre/ Mcb /015 /A
Jean Paul Maniriho /M /E. Sc. Musanze/  Mcb /037 /A

The Ministry of Education, yesterday, released results of the 2012 Senior Six examinations, in which faith-based schools excelled.

Overall, of 32,223 candidates who sat the examinations, 28,636 which correspond to 88.2 per cent qualified for certificate, with a pass mark of 10 marks out of 55.

This number represents an increase of one per cent when you compared to the year 2011 which saw 26,975 pass. The results show 3,850 candidates (11 per cent) failed.

Students from the catholic owned schools, namely Petit Seminaire de Rwesero, Petit Seminaire St Jean Nkumba, Petit Seminaire Nyundo, Petit Seminaire St Leon Kabgayi and Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis de Karubanda feature among the best performers.

The seminaries, in general, excelled in the entire science fields, but this is not surprising, according to John Rutayisire, the director-general of the Rwanda Education Board (Reb).

Male students dominated with 15,790 passing, representing 55.3 per cent, while 12,846 (44.7 per cent) females passed.

With 2,799 private candidates that passed this year compared to 5,833 in 2011, the number of private candidates decreased by to 12 per cent of the total candidates.

Education minister Vincent Biruta said this was because results of private candidates in teacher training were submitted to the Kigali Institute of Education for evaluation. Their results will be released in a fortnight.

Southern Province shines

Countrywide, schools from Southern Province topped the list of best students.

Thus, schools which have been graduating top students for years, largely faith-based are dominating the list.

They include Ecole des Sciences de Byimana, G.s officiel de Butare, G.S St Joseph Kabgayi, G.S Remera Rukoma and the female student school G.S St Bernadette de Save-Huye district.

Western Province was conspicuously missing on the list of Top 10, while the Northern Province had a ‘face value’ in Ecole des Science de Musanze. The school got a couple of students in Top 10 of different combinations.

Eastern Province has some students from Muhura High School in Kayonza district among the best performers.

Riviera High School, Lycee de Kigali, Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux, St André and IFAK represented Kigali City in the top performers.

While releasing the results, Dr Biruta said some schools tried to cheat .

“The Rwanda Education Board and the Police were notified and they investigated the allegations. We are going to shame them,” said Biruta.

The education board will name the schools at a media conference today.

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