Anglican Church condemns Kabuye arrest

NORTHERN PROVINCE The Anglican Church, Shyira Diocese, has strongly condemned the recent arrest of the Rwandan Director of State Protocol, Rose Kabuye.


The Anglican Church, Shyira Diocese, has strongly condemned the recent arrest of the Rwandan Director of State Protocol, Rose Kabuye.

In a statement issued last week, the Diocesan Council chaired by the Right Reverend John K. Rucyahana, said the actions by Germany and France, was a plan to ruin Rwanda.

Below is the full statement:

We consider the criminal arrogance of the said developed countries, especially France and Germany and their condescension, and contempt treatment of the lesser economically developed nations of Africa in general and specifically Rwanda as:

Tearing down our country and its political institutions and depriving our national leaders of their legitimacy for their own benefit, to a point that has up to now been and is the very reason of our instability.

Sowing divisions and hatred among Rwandans, for the sole benefit of dividing to reign and bring the nation to the brink of total collapse- France being behind all planning, manoeuvring and implementation of genocide and continued collaboration with genocide perpetrators.

These are France’s political and fraudulent manoeuvres to track down our leaders as criminals, when, these Rwandan heroes under French arrest warrants are the very leaders who halted the commissioned genocide.

We, the Anglican Community of the Diocese of Shyira, are very saddened that France and Germany are not deterred by their past criminal acts against our nation, once again shamelessly; they are on a campaign of derailing our nation.

We therefore:

Publicly, denounce France and their supporters in their despicable ill intended procedures.

We publicly, denounce those using the law and international conventions, fraudulently, to deprive others of the God given rights and dignity.

We denounce in the strongest terms, all exploitive tricks used by France to continue to deprive the people of Rwanda, of their destiny and abundance of life.

The Anglican Church, Shyira Diocese, implores Rwandans to honestly commit themselves to praying to God for the total redemption of Rwanda from colonial oppression.

The Christian community in Shyira Diocese, request the United Nations (UN) to take clear resolutions restraining super powers from overrunning the rights of developing nations as it is being done by France.

The clear example is the arrest of Mrs. Rose Kabuye which is unfair not only to her as a person but also deprives Rwanda of its sovereign rights.

The Anglican Church of Rwanda, Diocese of Shyira, joins the rest of the Rwandans, in condemning publicly the colonial derogation and the behaviour of France which deprives us of our rights and inflicts pain on our people.

The Church appeals to all Rwandans to remain united and join their forces in order to face this huge attack from France and protect our dignity and the sovereignty of our nation, which is God given. 

Since the colonial abuse has been exerted upon us for too long, we implore you, the Rwandan people to take upon ourselves the destiny of our country at any cost and orient the future generations.


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