Upcountry Rwandans speak out on Kabuye’s arrest

Ready to resist ‘bully’ France Rose Kabuye, the Rwandan Government’s Director of State Protocol has become a household name after the German government arrested her on the arrest warrants issued in 2006 by the French Judge, Jean Louis Bruguiere.

Ready to resist ‘bully’ France

Rose Kabuye, the Rwandan Government’s Director of State Protocol has become a household name after the German government arrested her on the arrest warrants issued in 2006 by the French Judge, Jean Louis Bruguiere.

Kabuye, a former officer in the Rwandan Patriotic Army is among the nine senior Rwandan officials many of them military chiefs, who were indicted on allegations of shooting down a plane in which former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana died.

Kabuye is due to be transferred from Germany to France today to face the charges.

Her arrest in Frankfurt, Germany, triggered a wave of protests in Rwanda and beyond, and today (Wednesday) we are set to witness more scenes of protests country-wide.

The New Times sought views from people in the countryside about her arrest and impending trial, many of them said they are ready to resist bully France. Below are the responses.

I was saddened by the arrest of Rose Kabuye. She was among the people who stopped the Genocide.

Ironically countries like France which played a glaring role in the 1994 Genocide with the help of Germany, a country that continues to offer sanctuary to Genocide perpetrators, are the ones behind these arrests. Michelle Habimana, Butare.

Kabuye’s arrest is testimony of the arrogance of the European countries many of which deny the 1994 Genocide. Rwanda is a sovereign country which should be treated with all the respect it deserves. France should stop manipulating the International justice system for its own selfish ends.

The guilt of its role in the 1994 Genocide cannot be washed away by such deplorable schemes. They can only worsen it. Rose should be released immediately because her country and family need her.

Jean Marie Mbarushimana, Butare.

With Kabuye’s arrest, it is obvious that France does not regret their actions committed against Rwandans.

These dictators know that they are every passing day losing their influence on Rwanda.

This makes them angry. First, they are at pains to accept that the use of French as a medium of instruction in schools has been abolished.

Theogene Kanyemera, Butare.

Each time France tries to bully Rwanda, Rwanda grows stronger. The fact that Rose (Kabuye) offered to go to Germany despite the warning, shows that she is innocent and her tormentors will swallow their pride. John Gakumba, Bugesera.  

It should be no surprise to you that France and its supporters are behaving this way. The situation is quite clear.

They want to expose their arrogance and maintain the status quo, but Rwanda won’t accept this and the masses who witnessed France’s role in the Tutsi Genocide are ready to resist this.

Sooner or later they will have to accept Rwanda’s position and they will seek to restore relations if they so wish. Harriet Mugwaneza, Bugesera.

This is the time for African leaders to stand up and speak against the conduct of France. The AU and the UN should also come out and condemn the arrest. Joshua Gato, Gatsibo.

The European powers, France and Germany, want to test the ability of Africans to interpret that action (arrest). Rwanda may feel the blow alone but the test is for the whole of Africa.

Today is Rwanda, tomorrow it could be any other African country and if Rwanda alone interprets that action, will the rest of Africa cooperate and fight the arrogance of countries like France, Germany and Spain? Africa has to wake up.

Rwanda, it is time for you to live, you have existed for long, now is the time to rise and live with hope and dignity.

Beware, however, that you have to fight for that dignity and nobody will give it to you as a present. Bishop John Rucyahana, Shira Dioceses, Musanze.

If they saw that Kabuye was guilty why have they been reluctant to charge her in court?

They have held her for days…they were supposed to produce her in court earlier than this. As long as the French keep meddling in Rwanda’s affairs….it confirms their guilt.

Monica Mukarugwiza, Butare.

It is disturbing to see that a Rwandan woman who participated in ending Rwanda genocide is being arrested on orders of those who committed genocide and are still hiding in Germany and the role of France is being ignored by the international community. Alex Ruberwa, President of Musanze advisory council.

The seeds of divisionism planted by the French had been uprooted and Rwandans were now on the path of unity and reconciliation and these should be upheld. 

This should not demoralise the youth but should be a lesson of bravely and inspiration which should encourage Rwandans to fight for their rights. Jerome Mugenzi, the President of the Musanze Youth council.

France has no room for justice for Rwanda. They will rule in favour of their interests but not according to the law.

It’s impossible to achieve justice when the complainant is the judge. The case should have been tried in another country not France where fugitives of 1994 genocide are still at large. Andrew Buzene, 70, Nyagatare.

It is time for the international community to safeguard Rwanda from France’s political bullying. People behind this should be the ones held accountable.

After their failure to use ethnic ticket to destabilise Rwanda, they have resorted to the arrest of our leaders. African leaders should stand against this. James Mirenge. Nyagatare.


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