Family planning: The less, the happier

Assuming you have watched animal planet or other Television programmes on wildlife you may have seen a beautiful calf of an antelope or kudu hunted, killed and eaten by a lion, cheetah or leopard. The hunter itself may have had cubs waiting for it (mother) to kill one young animal so they could feed.
An extended family in Benin.
An extended family in Benin.

Assuming you have watched animal planet or other Television programmes on wildlife you may have seen a beautiful calf of an antelope or kudu hunted, killed and eaten by a lion, cheetah or leopard. The hunter itself may have had cubs waiting for it (mother) to kill one young animal so they could feed.

It is a sad moment seeing the cute and pristine eyes of the calf popped out, rolled and dragged in the dirt as blood oozes out of its mouth. You may be surprised that the TV and film crew and those people who claim to protect wildlife do not intervene and rescue the young antelope from the killer lion or cheetah.

Well those people, who possibly take more interest in wildlife than you and I, do not save the young antelope from the clutches of its killer, because it is in the interest of the whole antelope family that some are eaten while others may thrive.

It serves the lion family that one antelope is eaten so they can survive. The alternative would be that with no antelope eaten their numbers would greatly increase so much they would overgraze depleting the pastures and finally starve to death and lions, cheetahs and leopards would starve with no antelopes to feed on. It is nature and God’s plan, otherwise He would have made hunter animals herbivores feeding on grass and not other animals.

There are “tiny lions” that were created to live and raise their “children” by making homes inside humans and other living beings. Such tiny animals hope to raise their families in peace and do not hate you or any other animal; if you think hookworms or malaria parasites grazing inside you hate you, you are wrong for they simply want to feed and raise their young ones.

But humans, using God given wisdom, found a way of killing  the tiny animals trying to make a home for themselves and their “children” not by killing one at a time as lions and cheetahs  kill antelopes and kudus, but by killing whole families using chemicals of mass tiny animals destruction. This meant that with less tiny animals feeding on them from inside, humans live longer and more young ones turn into adults.

God works in strange ways indeed, like the divine wisdom He surely poured on the Central Committee of the Chinese Peoples Communist Party decades ago when they settled for the “one child per couple” policy.

Because of the policy the Chinese are healthier, more educated, wealthier and a proud people. The self-appointed “holier than thou” religious leaders denounced the policy as one against God’s plan.

However, the Chinese stuck to their guns and they were vindicated after all. Religious leaders never agree amongst themselves, but expect others to agree with their disagreements and believe every word they say. Some even claim that the words they say are divine; ‘the words you have heard (me speak) are holy’, they tell their listeners.

Had the Chinese listened to them four decades ago and had every Chinese produced the same number as an average Rwandan, they would, as of today, be making their beds in such a way, as to sleep standing upright for lack of space.

In Rwanda, people listen to religious leaders, unfortunately, to the point that they will obey instruction to commit murder against their in-laws.

Religious leaders can be choosy when they want to: they tell miserable below- one-dollar-a-day Africans, to produce all the children that God put into their wombs and groins.

Because as they put it; all children come from God, but tolerate millionaire homosexuals in their fold, who want nothing to do with children and childbirth.

The Church emphasises that, “Since sex is meant for procreation purposes, married Catholic couples should always be open to the possibility of a pregnancy. While family planning is allowed, the use of contraceptives, both hormonal and barrier, are not. Likewise, tubal ligations and vasectomies for purposes of contraception and sterilization are not acceptable, although they may be done out of medical necessity”.

One would expect religious leaders to tell wealthy and educated Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Latinos, Arabs and Australians, to produce children until there is no single child left in their wombs.

They might as well advise that lions and other animals of prey should stop killing other animals, after God created all the animals to have calves that should turn into other adults, etc.
Using fear of hell to make poor Africans produce children they cannot support is not only wrong.

Is it because modern family planning methods are not fin religious books?

We should not make people suffer raising children whose number is beyond their ability; many things in use today do not appear in Bible and many things that are mentioned in the religious books, like people who served God and not their bellies and secretive organizations are no longer in existence.

What religious leaders need to do is to pray to God, so that our lawmakers get the divine inspiration like that given to the Chinese leaders years ago. This could help us put in place laws governing the number of children men and women must not exceed.

People who break those laws should then be fined or imprisoned. The laws should also regulate the mandatory use of planning methods after a certain number of children.

People must be sensitized on the importance of producing children that they can afford. Children need love and you cannot give that love and care, when you are under great pressure to manage a big family. Your life as a parent remains measurable throughout.


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