‘Techno-addict’ is my newfound name

Techno-addict is the new name I have coined for myself to explain my new addiction to Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

Techno-addict is the new name I have coined for myself to explain my new addiction to Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

I started thinking about a description for my new-found friend the computer and the possible way of describing the relationship that has thus resulted, but could not find a proper name so I settled for a simple ‘Techno-addict’.

I went from techno-marriage to technoholic but they all didn’t sound good so I settled on techno-addict.

This country’s emphasis on ICT has helped feed my new addiction. I simply love what these new machines can do, especially when connected to the internet.

I don’t know how I used to exist 10 years ago but I’m sure I can’t exist without them now.

When the cell phone and the MP3 player hit the market I thought they were the best invention ever; and then came the i-pod and now the new i-pod nano with which my love for music resurrected - please don’t ask me about the damage done to my ear drums.

The cell phone graduated and became a Black Berry, providing the ability to move with one’s office in one’s pocket. At that time I thought I would not get enough of this technology.

These days there is something more fun, and that is the iphone. I can now move with my office, work on-line, receive and send e-mail on my phone and still be able to yap with my friends while also listening to music.

It’s like a one-stop shop for communication, information and entertainment.

All that said, I still find the coolest thing about ICT in the internet social facility, Face Book.

I spend practically all my free time on this Face Book. Forget about trying to visit people’s homes to keep in touch with friends.

These days we techno-addicts fellowship on-line. It’s possible to comfortably visit 50 friends in different parts of the world at the same time without moving an inch away from my house.

Remember this is a rainy season and no one wants to get out of the house to go visiting and more so on a week day, so I choose to hang out on Face book.

I have substituted reading, movies and writing with Face Book. I actually work on my articles on Face Book these days.

I’m totally hooked and I’m thinking of changing my nick name from techno-addict to Facebookmaniac, though that would be a little too strong.

I have found long-lost friends, resurrected old fires, and formed new partnerships using this utility. It is not the only internet social utility as there are others like plaxo pulse, tugged; linkned etc, but I still find FB a favourite.

Hanging out on Face Book has one problem though, it can make one waste lots of time, but that is a problem whose solution I have found.

I simply organise a strict time table where networking on Face Book is given a specific time limit.

I now have to go back and chat with a friend of mine and as we all know time is money, I don’t want to waste his time.

Seeing I have only virtual friends now, I cannot afford to annoy one of them otherwise I will be condemned to friendlessness or even get banished from Face Book.


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