Unmasking Rusesabagina’s desperate bid to resuscitate political extremism

For some time now, we have alerted the public on the self-styled humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina’s maneuvers to build up some prominence on the international arena having amassed personal wealth and fame through impersonation in the role he was given in the “Hotel Rwanda” movie. 
Machete wielding militia
Machete wielding militia

For some time now, we have alerted the public on the self-styled humanitarian Paul Rusesabagina’s maneuvers to build up some prominence on the international arena having amassed personal wealth and fame through impersonation in the role he was given in the “Hotel Rwanda” movie. 

Hiding behind the ill-acquired status he works round the clock to become an indisputable candidate for the leadership of the so-called Rwandan opposition groups in exile while seeking inroads to ‘steal’ the FDLR’s leadership.

After masquerading as a humanitarianist and failing to entrench his negationist and revisionist approach on Rwanda’s recent history into the public psyche, Rusesabagina has been compelled to show his true colours; unveiling his unholy hidden agenda.

Indeed, in one of our previous writings, we revealed that “…Under the guise of being a humanitarian and after amassing hefty sums of money from the movie “Hotel Rwanda”, Rusesabagina,  went on swift career change,  transforming into a self- styled politician with the hope to topple the current Rwandan regime.

He has invested in the PDR-Ihumure party, a coterie of sworn opponents of Rwanda, and has been progressively portraying himself as the only alternative that would effectively rally all these political forces and ‘effect change in Rwanda’.

He has also been working closely with Charles Onana, Pierre Péan, Philpot and others, all are known for their negationism maintaining close contact with all the people behind PDR – Ihumure. 

The motive behind their close association is in denial of the genocide preparations, while they depict genocide as a mere result of popular furor caused by the death of a popularly loved President Habyarimana…” Rusesabagina and his PDR-Ihumure could not hide their true identity any longer, deeply rooted in the infamous Parmehutu ideology which led to the genocide.

The latest invitation jointly launched by FDU-Inkingi and PDR-Ihumure to celebrate on September 27, 2008, the infamous 1961 Referendum that confirmed what they still call a “social revolution” is only a cover for Rusesabagina to carry on with his grand ambitious plans. 

Rusesabagina has since gaining Hollywood heroism been striving hard to bring together the several nefarious heterogeneous opposition groups whose only common denominator is extremism; but the task has proven and will remain a rather daunting one for him.

And his expertise in blackmail and double talk will be of no help since even some of the most evil of them are in the know how of Rusesabagina’s ambitious plans.

We have reliably learnt that, after failing to convince the egocentric leaders of FDU-Inkingi, of the Partenariat-Intwari and other FDLR related groupings to attend a new founding event he had planed to highjack and declare himself the ‘new Moses’; of these ‘lost sheep’.

He then resigned himself to meet with the more loose organizations such as Matata’s CLIIR and COSAR during the just ended weekend to promote his “Truth and Reconciliation” new cover.

We are however made to understand that even among these loose political-come civil society groups, the turn up was miserably low with a representation of two FDU-Inkingi members.

The extremist political leaders like Ignace Murwanashyaka are on the other hand not keen to hand Rusesabagina a blank cheque - being well aware of his ultimate agenda.

They know that he has promised his followers and some financiers to bring together all the extremist opposition parties under his own leadership and organize them to fight ‘their common enemy’- the current Rwandan leadership.

But considering themselves somehow “historicals” in their ill-conceived project motivated by their own personal ambitions, they are not in the least amused by the new comer’s treacherous games.

It is said that even one of them declared that Rusesabagina should come out clearly on his agenda and political ambitions instead of trying to use them for his personal gain.

As though this was not enough. Rusesabagina has also entangled himself in such contradictions that one can hardly see where he would proceed to.

On the one hand, he has been portraying himself a humanitarianist for such a long  time (although he never was but the contrary is true!) that if he appeared to be collaborating with notorious genocide ideologists, some of whom are on the UNSC list of wanted terrorists, the little credibility he still has among his indefectible followers would be turned into shambles.

While again, given his long term objective is now in the open arena (toppling the current regime in Rwanda), he is in need of some individuals with not so much blood-tainted hands; the likes of the empty drum-Deo Mushayidi-to help him lure some disgruntled youths into an hypothetic army that would be used as a cover for FDLR while the latter does the fighting for him.

This is in the dream of the Hollywood hero but the FDLR won’t hear any of these proposals although his Partenariat-Intwari party is still in advanced negotiations with RUD-Urunana to form a politico-military coalition in which he hopes to secure a better position than if he was to remain on his own train of doom.

Let us again call upon all good willing people to shun such negationist/revisionist gatherings like last weekend’s one as they did last November when Rusesabagina was humiliatingly denied easy audience or venue at not less than three higher learning institutions.

Indeed, the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-La neuve), the VUB (Flemish University of Brussels, ULB (Free University of Brussels) and St Michel High School refused to associate with or to appear to be supporting Rusesabagina philosophy and his other negationist mouth-pieces in any way. And indeed by this, the message is: Never again!


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