Vote candidates who will deliver, residents told

RWAMAGANA/RUSIZI — They chanted and sang in appreciation of the past achievements of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).

RWAMAGANA/RUSIZI — They chanted and sang in appreciation of the past achievements of the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).

This is what characterised the launch of RPF parliamentary campaigns in Rubona Sector, Rwamagana district on Wednesday.  

“FPR stopped genocide, FPR repatriated refugees, FPR is focused on bringing development to all Rwandans and the nation,” residents of Rubona chanted.

The district party chairman, Valens Ntezirembo, highlighted several other past achievements of the party, arguing that RPF has built its credibility the reason as to why several other parties have joined and made a coalition with the ruling party.

The six parties that have joined the RPF led coalition include, Union Democtratique du  Peuple  Rwandais (UDPR), Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), Parti du Progrès  et la Concorde (P.P.C), Centrist Democratic Party (P.D.C), Parti Socialiste Rwandais (P S R) and Parti de la Solidarité et du Progrés (PSP).

“These parties have joined hands with RPF-Inkotanyi because of its credibility,” Ntezirembo said.

Ntezirembo who is also district mayor, appeals to RPF supporters to exhibit discipline during elections and to massively turn up early on election days. He warned residents against electoral multi-practices in the district.

During the launch, candidates; Constance Rwaka Mukayuhi (RPF) and Snêse Museveni (UDPR) were presented before cheering crowds by Anasthase Nabahire, an official from RPF secretariat. Meanwhile, in Kayonza district, the launching was done on the same day in Mukarange Sector.

In Rusizi district thousands of party faithful from various sectors of the district turned up for the official launch of the campaigns at Cyangugu regional stadium in Kamembe Sector.

Supporters among them government officials chanting party songs and slogans marched through Kamembe town from Kobil Petrol Station to the stadium.

Addressing the crowd of supporters, the district party chairman who is also the Mayor, Jean Pierre Turatsinze, called upon RPF supporters to massively participate in the parliamentary elections. He urged them to vote candidates who would work to their expectations.

The supporters were drawn from Mururu, Nkombo, Nkanka, Guhundwe, Kamembe, Giheke and Nyakabuye sectors.

“As concerned supporters of RPF party who love it I call upon all of you to vote RPF candidates in the forthcoming parliamentary polls. Vote candidates who would bring enough output in all developmental aspects as expected from you in order for our country to develop rapidly,” Turatsinze said.

He also observed that RPF has struggled to promote peace, unity and reconciliation among Rwandans in the country and urged more residents to join the party. He further noted that RPF party members are committed to fighting against injustice, corruption, insecurity, genocide ideology, racial divisionism, and poverty in the region.

Other past achievements enumerated include promoting good governance, gender balance, and social welfare among other things. Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters turned up on Tuesday for a similar launch in Shangi Sector, Nyamasheke district.

Vincent Muragwa, the district party chairman, who also doubles as the Mayor encouraged party supporters to vote RPF candidates at 100 percent.                         


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