What a fabulous weekend!

Of course we all love weekends, who doesn’t anyway? Though not always that it will end the way you wished. Thank God, mine ended in a comical spirit!
Having fun on a weekend
Having fun on a weekend

Of course we all love weekends, who doesn’t anyway? Though not always that it will end the way you wished. Thank God, mine ended in a comical spirit!

Perhaps like many of you, I started my weekend on Friday evening.

It seemed like the week was  a little bit longer, but fortunately I had done most of my work and was ahead of my schedule, which was in my favour.

I proceeded to Novotel to mingle with my friends and get in the weekend mood, which seemed a good deal for me and my friends.

Certainly, it was evident that my buddies and I shared an objective, which was to have maximum fun and rid ourselves of the stress we had suffered throughout the week.

We also tried as much as possible to avoid anything that would antagonize achieving our goal.

By 8:00 p.m, Stella (one of my friends) was still in downtown in a saloon.

So we went with our boys to pick her up for a fun filled weekend.

After picking her, we decided to storm Chez Yves, a hangout regarded to be for teens.

We promptly ordered for our favourite drinks. I had red wine and zingalo (roasted beef intestines).

It wasn’t it yummy!
From there, we went to Hotel Mille Collines for Karaoke, and later to Papyrus, one of Kigali’s hottest bars situated in Kimihurura.

We had wines and beers. Probably, you will have to forgive me if I said the bar is associated with elderly people and not youths.

Trust me; it is, because we found the place not as booming as the ones we had earlier hit.

H2O was our next destination! It’s a really booming nightspot filled with a sea of youth.

It’s an open nightclub; here you only have to pay for a drink, or snack.

There, we only took two rounds, and headed for B-Club VIP to dance, because we were entering into the following day.

“Oh yes, here we are!” Excited Jessica yelled on top of her lungs, as she stepped out of the car. “Here we are guys.

Let’s enter quickly and hit the floor….,”supplemented Jackson, as he removed his jacket and started swinging it in the air. 

Jackson had been shouting all the way, sipping his bottle of Red Label.

He really was tipsy! Thank God he was not the one driving; otherwise we would now either be dead or in hospital.

No doubt the dance floor was ours and we mesmerized everyone with our new dancing strokes.

I arrived late to church, all sleepy. Worse for me, it was so packed I sat outside in the sun’s heat.

I hate being out there; people walk back and forth with their heels echoing on the cement floor. 

I have a hard time hearing when there’s a lot of ambient noise — particularly voices. 

Anyway, today, I don’t think I will be able to hangout with my friends again, as I have to rest a bit before the weekend gets over and plan for next week.


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