One down, three remain in contest

Yesterday50m freestyleHeat 3Charlton Nyirenda (Maw) 27:46Jackson Niyomugabo (Rwa) 27:74Khalid Rushaka (Tan) 28:50Didon Benjamin (Sey) 28:95Coulibaly Mohamed (Mli) 29:09Alisher Chingizov (Tjk) 29:10Ibrahim Shameel (Mdv) 29:28Mamadou Cisse (Guinea) Today50m freestylePamela GirimbabaziMedal cash prizes stake increase RNOCGold-$10,000Silver-$5,000Bronze-$5,000MINISPOCGold-$10,000Silver-$10,000Bronze-$10,000
OUT: Jackson Niyomugabo (lane 3) waiting for the set-off sign to start action in the 50m freestyle event yesterday. (Photo / B. Mugabe)
OUT: Jackson Niyomugabo (lane 3) waiting for the set-off sign to start action in the 50m freestyle event yesterday. (Photo / B. Mugabe)

50m freestyle
Heat 3
Charlton Nyirenda (Maw) 27:46
Jackson Niyomugabo (Rwa) 27:74
Khalid Rushaka (Tan) 28:50
Didon Benjamin (Sey) 28:95
Coulibaly Mohamed (Mli) 29:09
Alisher Chingizov (Tjk) 29:10
Ibrahim Shameel (Mdv) 29:28
Mamadou Cisse (Guinea)
50m freestyle
Pamela Girimbabazi
Medal cash prizes stake increase

BEIJING - Rwanda’s olympic medal hunt started on a low note as 50m freestyle swimmer Jackson Niyomugabo finished second in preliminary stage at the national aquatics centre yesterday in Beijing, China.

With only the winner of each of the 11 heats, Niyomugabo finished second in a time of 27:74, behind the winner Charlton Nyirenda of Malawin who clocked 27:46 thus eliminating the Rwandan debutant Olympian.

Niyomugabo’s time and that of the winner was way far below the required 22:17 for one to qualify to the semi-final stage.

His (Niyomugabo) time of 27:74 was ranked 83rd overall out of the 97 participants who competed in the 50m freestyle event yesterday.

Sixteen swimmers reached the semi-final stage of the weekend’s 50m freestyle event with Frenchman Leveaux Amaury leading the pack in a time of 21:46.   With one Rwandan representative out of the competition, team mate Pamela Girimbabazi will be in action today at 12:00 local time.

Meanwhile; Rwanda’s Olympians have been staked another lucrative cash prize worth $10000 (approx. Frw5.5 millions) for each medal won in the on going Beijing Olympic Games.
The incentive was confirmed by the Minister of Sports and Joseph Habineza. 

 “I have staked $10,000 for each medal anyone of you wins. The money will go to whoever wins either gold, silver or bronze medal,” Habineza said before wishing the participants good luck.


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