Women’s group raises Frw8m in poverty fight

SOUTHERN PROVINCE RUHANGO — Intambwe Women Development project has raised Frw8m towards poverty eradication.


RUHANGO — Intambwe Women Development project has raised Frw8m towards poverty eradication.

This was revealed during the members’ celebrations of their achievements on Wednesday.

During the celebrations in Ruhango Sector, Rugango district, the members hailed Care International for its financial support which has helped to empower women socially and economically.

With the economic muscle, the women said they have managed to fight domestic violence in the area.

Various speakers said the project has enabled women to play a vital role in development.

Restituta Nyirangaruye, one of the beneficiaries said, “The project has enabled me to regain my social status through fighting poverty and domestic abuse which had marked my life over the last two years.

Today, I can afford to buy trousers and a shirt for my husband and this has changed my image from begging to a useful wife.”

She narrated that the public used to refer to her as a mad person because of consistent complaints of domestic abuse. However, this has since changed with her contribution to the family’ social welfare.

Poems recited by members also revealed that the local leaders and Care International have been collaborative and supportive in empowering women in development.

Jeanette Nduwamariya, the Care international southern coordinator, revealed that the project operates in over 20 districts countrywide and has over 55,000 active members (80% women) who are involved in small scale loan and saving schemes within groups.

She added, “Care supports the members in skills training, and advice which is done in business groups. Each member is supported by the group to start up a small business out of the saving made from members’ contribution.”

The colorful function was also attended by Fidel Ndayisaba, the governor of the Southern Province, Senators, Claudine Mensah, the Care international country representative and local leaders.

Ndayisaba commended the project for implementing government programmes especially eradication of poverty and promotion of equality and hard work.

He advised Intambwe members to spread the ‘gospel’ to others, use integrity, transparency and use their project as a forum to solve current society problems through collaboration.

Ndayisaba reminded the residents of the need to adopt family planning methods to produce few children they can manage to look after. He also appealed to residents to fully participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The governor donated Frw200,000 to Intambwe and awarded a cow, two goats and a bicycle to individual members who gave sound testimonies and played profound role in achieving the women’s goals.


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