It’s never too late to right a wrong!

Yeah, it’s never too late to right a wrong. Many times we tend to take certain things as the norm. Sometimes when something goes on for so long, we tend to accept it as the way of life, however bad.

Yeah, it’s never too late to right a wrong. Many times we tend to take certain things as the norm. Sometimes when something goes on for so long, we tend to accept it as the way of life, however bad.

During my secondary school days, sportsmen used to enjoy very many priviledges. They used to have an extra helping during meals, extra porridge, extra attention from admirers and above all; a ‘right’ to dodge bathing and wear the same old smelly ‘talismanic’ training clothes.

We could tolerate their smelly socks, shorts, etc because they were sportsmen. That’s how sportsmen are supposed to be, or is that so? This, however, did not stop the ‘weak’ neighbours from getting skin infections or worse, once in a while.

In Africa, election rigging and violence seem to be the norm. Something new is however joining the menu, power sharing with the ‘would-have-won’ opposition leaders.

It’s strange seeing someone like Morgan Tsvangirai and Raila Odinga from Zimbabwe and Kenya respectively, smiling and profusely shaking hands with the ‘devils’ in the name of peace!!

Probably many would rather live with the devil they know and not who they don’t. I hope that won’t become a norm in Africa.

We should however never despair or resign to fate. I believe in nipping any problem in the bud before it can take root.

And my inspiration today is the current demolition of buildings and kiosks in Kigali city. This, according to city officials, is part of the modernization phase of Kigali and I suppose Rwanda as a whole.

Over 60 houses and numerous kiosks have reportedly been demolished in the past few days!! Some out there could be saying stuff like, ‘How unfair!’, ‘Couldn’t the ‘poor’ fellows be left in peace and some other place developed instead?’ And the like.

It’s definitely sad to be told to leave your home, even in the name of development. I however believe Kigali City Council has the best intentions for city dwellers and even those who had to be asked to leave their premises.

KCC probably feels it’s never too late to right what was initiallywrong or using the adage, a stitch in time saves nine.

The structures were erected where they probably shouldn’t have been and now KCC has to take the hard but right stand of demolishing those structures and erecting
those that befit a capital city.

As I said, it’s never too late to right a wrong. It however goes without saying that two wrongs do not make a right.

This is in the event of allegations of no prior notice or warning to the evictees, lack of compensation for the evicted, false promises of favorablerelocation for kiosk owners, destruction or confiscation of property among others.

It definitely wouldn’t come as a surprise if many of the allegations turned out to be false. It would however be unfortunate if it turned out that some of the allegations are true.

This would make the good intentions of KCC turn out to be evil. Lo and behold, even more shocking were the intentions to demolish a church just before a service.

Fortunately, the Mayor of Gasabo District, Claudine Nyinawagaga intervened halting the exercise- pending further investigations.

Why carry out the exercise on a Sunday anyway. It was really quite insensitive.

KCC should be given all the support it needs. When we are praised for having a clean and beautiful city, we are always ready to take the credit, even those who dodge the communal work locally known as Umuganda.

How can we support KCC? We can do this by ensuring that we have the proper documents and authorization before setting up any structure.

We should ensure whatever we want to erect fits the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)’s standards so that our environment is
not affected.

Some people tend to think they can do anything with ‘their’ land! But we should try to keep within the law.

That’s how probably some are moaning their destroyed structures. I understand some people get authorization for certain structures and then erect something different altogether.

A person is allowed to build a single storey residential house and feeling wiser than KCC; goes ahead to build a four storey commercial structure. And when the ‘demolishers’ arrive, they cry foul!

It’s in the same vein that some people put up structures and later chase for the proper documents. Why not get the documents first? Why complicate matters?

Could it be that KCC’s activities are not clear to the public and thus the confusion? You know the saying that ignorance is no defense! However, KCC should  pick a leaf from the Rwanda Revenue Authority’s massive awareness programs so that we can all know how to go about our business, to make theirs easy. 

This will save many a person anguish and also ease the work of the field people, especially those who carry out the ‘hang man’s’ job of demolishing structures.

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