Mininfra defends its 2008 budget

THE Ministry of Infrastructure (Mininfra) has defended its share in the proposed 2008 Budget announced last month by Finance minister James Musoni.

THE Ministry of Infrastructure (Mininfra) has defended its share in the proposed 2008 Budget announced last month by Finance minister James Musoni.

The ministry took the lion’s share.
Musoni gave Frw102 billion to the Infrastructure ministry, which would largely be spent on road construction and boosting the energy sector.

Infrastructure minister Stanislas Kamanzi told members of the Chamber of Deputies on Monday that his ministry will put part of the money in construction and rehabilitation of roads that link rural and urban areas including Byimana-Kaduha-Kitabi and Musanze-Vunga-Ndiza-Muhanga roads.
He said that the roads will connect Rwanda to neighbouring countries in the spirit of regional and international integration.

He was answering questions raised by members of the House’s Standing Committee on Budget.

Kamanzi said that the ministry had a long list of road projects but they had decided to first handle 12 roads that are in very sorry state.

He however said that other roads that would be damaged in the course of next year would be renovated as well.

The minister also said that other priorities include urbanisation and habitation projects, citing the Nyagatare master plan which is being drafted.

He also said that the ministry plans to reconstruct of Gisenyi and Kamembe airstrips, which he said will boost tourism activities in those areas.

“It will not only boost tourism but also support business services in our neighbouring countries like Kivu in the DRC” Butare said.

The State Minister for Energy and Communication Eng. Albert Butare told the legislators that the Infrastructure ministry plans to increase energy sources in the country, adding that will come with a huge cost.

He mentioned rural electrification and micro hydro-electric power supplies are among the plans.

Butare said that Rukarara, Nyabarongo and Nyirabuhombohombo hydro-electric power projects will be constructed during the next financial year.

“The increase will go with reduced tariffs to enable the average Rwandans access power”Butare said.

Eng. Butare explained that with the completion of Karisimbi Project, communication costs would reduce, thus enabling the masses to easily access internet and broadcasting services.

He said that they have prioritized five districts for rural electrification including Huye and Muhanga.

The lawmakers were convinced with the explanations but urged the officials to ensure that people who would be affected by the projects are fairly expropriated well ahead of the commencement of construction or rehabilitation activities.



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