Teacher charged with assaulting student

A teacher at Lycée De Kigali in Kigali City yesterday appeared in Nyarugenge High Instance Court on charges of fighting with a student.

A teacher at Lycée De Kigali in Kigali City yesterday appeared in Nyarugenge High Instance Court on charges of fighting with a student.

Davis Wamoni, a Ugandan national teaching history, was arrested last Thursday at school by police of Muhima police post where he is currently detained for allegedly beating up a senior five student.

According to school sources, it all started when Wamoni reportedly became involved in a scuffle with the student who wrestled him down to the ground.

What was regarded as a disciplinary matter was brought to the attention of the school’s administration, which decided to dismiss the student. Upon dismissal, the mother chose to take the case to the police.

A day before his arrest, Wamoni, or Dume as he is commonly known by fellow members of staff, was called by the police to make a statement about the allegations.

Prosecution alleges that the teacher boxed Omar Souleman in the ear and ruptured his eardrum. They produced medical evidence to this effect.

However, the teacher’s lawyer denied the charges and dismissed the medical report as ‘doubtable’. The lawyer asked court to release his client on bail.

He said, “My client is a responsible person teaching Rwandan children and should be released to continue with his duties.” The presiding judge set today for ruling on the bail application.

In court Wamoni appeared composed as he stood between his lawyer and the plaintiff. The plaintiff’s mother also attended court.

Meanwhile, sources say there has been mounting pressure from students and members of staff to have the teacher released.

In one such attempt students petitioned the minister of State for Primary and Seconday Education, Théoneste Mutsindashaka over the matter.

In a letter dated June 23 signed by a host of students, they asked the minister to secure the release of their teacher on bail.

“….Honorable Minister, it is our humble prayer that you help us achieve the release of our teacher on bail so that he may continue to educate the young trees of Rwanda as the investigations …take place.

We stand surety that he will not jump bail,” the letter, whose copy The New Times has seen, reads in part.  The letter was copied to the Senate President, Inspector General of Police, the Ugandan ambassador to Rwanda, the school Chairman Board of Governors and the Mayor of Nyarugenge District.

In the letter the students allege that their fellow student (Omar) had a very rich record of indiscipline and is the one who assaulted the teacher.

Owing to his indiscipline, the letter says, the student had previously been dismissed from two schools including Ape Rugunga and Riviera High School.

At Riviera, the letter says, the same student beat a teacher before he was expelled.

“Honorable Minister, would you allow such a student back in school without jeopardizing the discipline and morale of teachers?” the letter reads in part.


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