Paul Rusesabagina admits intimacy with genocidaires

Last week, your newspaper brought to you the whole arguments a British Judge took into account before dismissing Rusesabagina and his pretentious testimony that aimed at preventing Vincent Bajinya’s extradition to Rwanda.
RUSESABAGINA AND BAGOSORA : Two sides of one coin
RUSESABAGINA AND BAGOSORA : Two sides of one coin

Last week, your newspaper brought to you the whole arguments a British Judge took into account before dismissing Rusesabagina and his pretentious testimony that aimed at preventing Vincent Bajinya’s extradition to Rwanda. 

The Judge described the defense testimony as not only irrelevant and false, but also qualified Rusesabagina as “rather a man with a background strongly allied to the Hutu extremists…” who planed and executed the Tutsi genocide in 1994.

The Judge was appalled by Rusesabagina’s revisionism and blatant lies in his testimony concluding that “…he is clearly a very strong opponent of the present regime, even going so far as to suggest that it was responsible for the genocide, and making other wild and exaggerated claims…”

Of course our usual readers were not in the least surprised by the magistrate’s conclusions as we have without the slightest doubt exposed the self-proclaimed humanitarian’s real worth and true intentions.

We have brought to the public’s attention how the man is reckless and greedy right from his school days, we collected several testimonies from the people who survived in the Mille Collines Hotel and whom he pretended to have saved and demonstrated that not only did he not play the slightest role in their survival but that he extorted some, of their little money by threatening to throw them to the killers outside the hotel.

We have analyzed his speeches at different forums and showed how they were a reproduction of the old Parmehutu ideologies that led to the 1994 genocide, we documented how he amassed wealth from the movie Hotel Rwanda and from good-willing people during fundraisings presumably to fund ‘his charities for helping genocide widows and orphans’ although it is instead misappropriated to his own personal businesses such as his transport company in Zambia and from which benefits have been used to finance FDLR terrorists activities.

In our previous articles, we have exposed how Rusesabagina has turned his so-called “Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation” presumably created to channel funds to genocide survivors, into an undercover front to finance the activities of his political party, PDR Ihumure which he hopes to eventually out maneuver other existing Western based negationist political groupings and to be their umbrella.

Alas! to depict the extent to which Rusesabagina is greedy and two tongued, he claims he saved over one thousand people from the EX-FAR and Interahamwe but he is in his latest strategy trying to win the hearts of the FDLR by aligning himself with people who may have good influence over the Commanders, though this will likely put him on a collision course with the genocide force’s leader, Dr. Ignace Murwanashyaka.

He has along with renowned negationists been aggressively been in a smear campaign against Rwanda, positioned himself as the defender of the killers either in the ICTR coolers or else where in Europe and never been a prosecution witness against the master minds of the 1994 genocide who he dined with and depicted through the hotel Rwanda Movie as having been in charge of the apocalypse.

We are glad that our voice has been heard as more and more people are ready to challenge his stories to such a point where he has lately resorted to the use of “security guards” to screen the people attending his conferences only letting in those who share his ideologies as it happened last November in Brussels and in The Hague last April.

Paul Rusesabagina has been obviously denying all the above and other revelations about his scams alleging that any one portraying him the way he is and exposing his political ambitions is on the present government’s payroll.

When he proposed himself to testify for Vincent Bajinya against his extradition to Rwanda by the British authorities, alleging that « the conditions in Rwanda are such that Dr Bajinya would face the possibility of death », may be Rusesabagina thought that the British Judges were so remote as regards the Rwandan realities that he would easily convince them with his lies.

Little did he know that, unlike his usual audiences, these were professional people who were going to carefully scrutinize his every word, challenge his statements for concrete evidence and confront him with his own contradictions.

When Rusesabagina pretends that Dr Bajinya would not receive fair trial if brought in Rwanda, Judge Anthony Evans who heard the case observes that the “…examples in his statement and the reasons he puts forward…many go back to the 1990s, which are of historical interest only.”

The judge cannot help but find in Rusesabagina’s submissions “wild and general allegations without any supporting proof” such as a statement that “…any successful Hutu will be killed, imprisoned or forced into exile…”

Well then, is he going to say that the British judge was also paid by the Rwandan government to reach his conclusions?
We do not need to go through the whole ruling which deals with Rusesabagina’s testimony again as it was carried out in such a professional way that it speaks for itself.

The point we wanted to make here is that, while we are comforted in our struggle to expose Rusesabagina’s genocide ideology and his shared views with notorious genocidaires, we would like to request all the good people to read for themselves Judge Anthony Evans’ scientific deconstruction of Rusesabagina’s lies and distortions of current realities in Rwanda so that unsuspecting people around the world be forewarned against this shameless negationism.

We particularly call upon those who would be able to get to Chicago to attend his June 19 2008 conference at the Loyola University School of Law and use logic to challenge and dispel this so-called humanitarian who continues to exploit his ill-earned fame to make money by addressing the unsuspecting audiences as he spreads the genocide ideology in the hope that it will one day earn him political power in Rwanda to continue from where his fellow organizers of the apocalypse had stopped.

And let the good people say: Never Again.


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