V-ball teams shaping for CAN

The national volleyball teams [men and women] have upped their preparations for the forthcoming CAN championship in South Africa and Kenya respectively.  

The men’s teams is preparing for the Africa Cup of Nations scheduled for next month in the South African city of Durban while the women’s too is preparing for the a similar tournament to be held in Nairobi, Kenya.

“The preparations for the events will be short because we believe that the training they have had in the local championship and lately the Carre d’AS compliment for a good performance,’ said Gertrude Kubwimana, FRVB Executive Secretary.

She added that they are looking forward to an improvement on the continental ranking in the game after the event because of the inclusion of both the men and women in CAN championship.

She noted that Rwandan teams will face touch challenge at both events because the two will act as qualifiers for the 2008 World Cup where only champions will represent Africa.

The men’s team is made up of players from APR, UNR, KVC, and Groupe Scolaire Butare while the ladies are from UNR, APEDI Rwaza, La Colombe, Groupe Scolaire Rwaza, APR, and Groupe Scolaire Kibungo.

Christian Hitimana and Antoine Sebarinda are training the women team at Amahoro indoor stadium courts.Ends


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