War mongers in Tanzania media: Rwanda supports peace, not war

A Tanzanian Kiswahili newspaper, Mwanainchi, came up with a story whose title translates to mean that it takes years to build a country but a minute to destroy.

A Tanzanian Kiswahili newspaper, Mwanainchi, came up with a story whose title translates to mean that it takes years to build a country but a minute to destroy.

The warning directed at President Paul Kagame, further claims that Rwanda is counting on Uganda and Burundi for help, reminding that Tanzania also has friends who can help (presumably in case of war between the two countries).

The anonymous author apparently seemed bent on creating an impression to his readers that Rwanda was preparing for war with Tanzania.

These are lies simply created to divert attention from the real problem of the recent media coverage on what Rwanda said about President Jakaya Kikwete’s outrageous statement calling upon the Rwanda authorities to hold talks with a terrorist and genocidal group - FDLR based in DRC.

Rwanda’s response to President Kikwete’s suggestion was loud and clear; it cannot negotiate with a terrorist organisation responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, who, at every opportunity, never shy away from making known their ambition to come back and “finish their work” of obliterating the Tutsi race.

There is nowhere Rwanda said Burundi and Uganda will help the country to fight Tanzania. Rwanda is part of the ICGLR peace mechanism and has contributed immensely to efforts aimed at bringing peace in eastern DRC and the Great Lakes Region in general.

To claim that President Kikwete is the only regional leader who broke the silence on the war in eastern DRC when other regional leaders decide to remain silent is being short-sighted on behalf of the writer, but my conviction is that this short-sightedness is rather deliberate.

If asking the government of Rwanda to negotiate with genocidaires is what is called breaking silence to bring peace in the Great Lakes Region, then silence would be a better option.

The allegation that M23 is the main contributing factor to Rwanda’s rapid economic growth, is simply absurd and malicious. Rwanda economic growth has never hinged on DRC. Rwanda’s economic progress is a result of good governance practices which are in short supply in many other countries.

Donor funds, taxes and other national resources are simply well utilised in Rwanda and thanks to the secret behind Rwanda’s rapid economic development.

The author is very well aware that M23 is a recent creation and Rwanda’s economic growth has been ongoing for the last 18years.

DRC has its own problems and Rwanda should not be a scapegoat. Many actors know where the problem lies and Rwanda has been and will continue to play an active role in finding a lasting solution to the problem of DRC, without necessarily holding negotiations with the FDLR.

There is no competition or fight with regional countries on who will be responsible to bring peace in DRC.

Reminding of regional armies that fought to remove Mobutu and those that failed to oust Kabila is simply war mongering, and Rwanda is not party to that.

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