Miss Campus contest was below par

I had an uncanny feeling that the Miss Campus 2008 contest would not live to its billing. Perhaps it was the Seer talking to me; if only I had listened further.

I had an uncanny feeling that the Miss Campus 2008 contest would not live to its billing. Perhaps it was the Seer talking to me; if only I had listened further.

The president of the jury, Daddy de Maximo said it all- not a single contestant managed a 50 percent score according to results from the jury. His body language reflected the disappointment and what a disappointment it was to the travelling crowd from Kigali and from California, yes California in the USA!

When things go wrong, they go wrong at the same time! First it was the postponement of the ceremony. As I boarded a cab to the University at 2.00pm so as to book a seat for the supposed 3.00 pm show, Radio Salus was blaring out announcements reminding the public that the show had been shifted to 5.00pm.

Well, the grand auditorium was filled to capacity by 5.00pm with a highly expectant crowd. At 5.40pm the long awaited show finally began with the University cultural troupe. Trust, they did not disappoint.

The arrival of the different ‘Misses’ further electrified the evening. Ex-Miss Campus Sharon Akanyana and her young sister, Akazuba who is Miss Kigali were simply smashing. Miss Campus 2007, Carine Utamuliza was there to remind them of what they will miss. Then there was Miss SFB and Miss KIST.

The presence of Miss Uganda, Miss Tanganyika and Miss Congo gave more colour to the event.

The group testament was next on stage. The three lanky fellows who make up the group have made mark at the University. Their dance strokes were mesmerising, if only they had the right sound system.

The poor sound system heaped further misery to the crowd that was loosing patience. It was hardly audible. The MC, Kiki, pulled a few jokes to charge up the crowd but the message couldn’t get across.

And then it was the contestants on stage. The MC announced the eminent arrival of the contestants modelling casual wear. The crowd waited and they walked…no they crawled…no they run…ok I remember now…they jogged on stage!

They walked like they were stepping on hot coal, there was no creativity in their dressing and murmurs of disapproval filled the grand auditorium.

The Rector and Minister Joseph Habineza were spared from the embarrassment because they arrived in the middle of the show.

There is nothing much to write home about the modelling. It was all the same. If they didn’t run, they literally crawled or simply jogged off the stage.

The décor was simply sickening. Apart from a few MTN advertisement boards, the stage was largely bare.

Then it was question time! Well, we expected them all to atone for the miserable display on the catwalk, by showcasing their brain power.

One contestant was asked to name Rwanda’s foreign affairs and regional cooperation Minister and the answer she gave was; Charles Murigade! The other had the audacity to ask for the answer to the question she was asked; "tell me the answer," she demanded. I was humbled! She was honest; she was my Miss of the day.

And then came the crowning moment. It was Sandra Uwimbabazi! Daddy de Maximo announced that scores were so low, below 50 percent. Perhaps it was to remind the disappointed crowd that the jury was tasked with finding a winner at whatever cost and they had to find the winner in the names of Sandra Uwimbabazi.

Well if failed to attend the ceremony, surely you missed nothing except disappointment.




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