Life and “law of attraction”

Life is generally viewed as a complex mechanism that cannot easily be understood by humans. Many along history’s paths have taken journeys in search of the meaning of life.

Life is generally viewed as a complex mechanism that cannot easily be understood by humans. Many along history’s paths have taken journeys in search of the meaning of life.

A few have found it while the rest are either still searching or have concluded that life has no meaning. Numerous texts in books, poems and lyrics of songs endeavor to explain life’s meaning to no avail although one could get a glimpse of the truth from these.

Some people have taken the initiative to discover the meaning of life on their own. This is seen by the countless acts of disparity when people are determined to climb mountain Everest or ride a bicycle around the whole world so that they can feel better.

Some people who reach their mid life crisis, simply relapse into a state of madness and fail to come out of it. This happens when they realize that all the years that they have toiled to get to where they are have gone without them feeling any sense of satisfaction whatsoever.

This makes them question what on earth they are living for.
Some discoveries have been made concerning life’s meaning and one that has captured the attention of masses worldwide is ‘The secret.’ Through reading or watching the documentary about ‘The secret’ numerous people have been enlightened.

Rhonda Byrne’s was determined in her search for life’s meaning through reading tons of books written over many centuries. Through this ordeal, she accidentally discovered 100 year old ancient writings that have popularly come to be known as ‘The Secret’ to life.

‘The secret’ basically explains the powerful ‘Law of Attraction’ that governs all lives. It offers knowledge of how to create intentionally and effortlessly a joyful life. Knowledge of this law is believed to have run through the teachings of the prophets, seers, sages, saviors in the world’s history and in the lives of truly great men and women.

The ability to transform weaknesses or sufferings to strengths, power, perfect peace, health and abundance has been a common truth in the core of most powerful teachings, philosophies and religions.

People like Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King are some of the great people who are believed to have understood this law perfectly or to some degree.

According to these teachings, the Law of Attraction is operating in every human every minute of the day irrespective of one’s surroundings and circumstances. Anyone can create their lives into what they want it to be.

This is because; the human brain is made in such a way that whatever one thinks, is emitted in bouts of electromagnetic energy to the universe, which in turn responds to the sent signal.

Different religions believe that the source of all life is ‘The Creator’ of the universe. But many others like atheists argue that there is no God, instead they believe in science forgetting that science itself is the study of life.

In science, there is the subject of Energy from which numerous topics have been derived. Energy is infinite and can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one state to another.

This makes me leave this question in the face of all atheists, “Who created this energy and life?” You can not say that life evolved from tiny micro cells that eventually led to the ‘Big Bang’. Besides the ‘Big Bang is still a theory not a fact.

However, the energy in the universe which is in everyone was definitely created by some mysterious being. That is why people will always have a yearning to know what it is, whether it is through science or religion.

In order to achieve most out of life, many have applied the accuracy of this Law of Attraction to enable them to live life in abundance of peace by having fulfilling relationships, health and prosperity.

In Relationships, one has to simply think, reflect and visualize the kind of relationship they want to have with the exact kind of person. By doing this a person is emitting electromagnetic waves to the universe which will in turn respond by allowing circumstances to arrange themselves according to your thoughts and feelings.

This will eventually bring that person into your life. In Health, everyone needs to believe that they have the healing power flowing through them. By knowing this any ailment and disease whether chronic or temporally will gradually vanish to and perfect health will be restored.

In prosperity, wealth can be realized by thinking and visualizing whatever you want to have. The universe will respond and arrange circumstances to meet your needs. That is why when you keep thinking about bills and debts; you keep attracting them to come your way.

If you keep thinking about money, you will be a magnetic force to it. All in all, thinking negatively will always attract your worst fears back to you because that is what you are calling.

On the other hand, thinking positively will attract all the good things you desire from life hence having fulfilling relationships, perfect health and wealth thus living life to its fullest.


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