The “Tigers” should inspire us

If there was anything such as "continent of the century", Asia would take the prize hands on.

If there was anything such as "continent of the century", Asia would take the prize hands on.

Three or four decades ago, the thought of South East Asia conjured up images of poverty and rice paddies, America was still engulfed in an ideological war in Vietnam, and the Gandhi /Nehru dynasty in India was taking root.

That is as far one can go down memory lane. Asia today means innovation, high growth rate, industrialization and efficiency.

President Kagame is on a tour of the Asian continent and his visit will include two of the four ‘Asian Tigers’; Singapore and South Korea.

When the word "Asian Tigers" was first coined, it referred to four countries that had managed to beat the odds in the world’s economic jungle; Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong.

These countries serve as economic text books for any emerging or struggling-to-survive country and their success stories are traded at international meeting points.

They are discussed in awe, as if they should not have beaten the odds and arrived where they are today, but they epitomize how far hard work, determination, good planning and sound economic and social programs can take a country.

Not only are they export-driven models, they are also examples of efficiency and human resource development.

So Kagame’s visit to South East Asia is not a coincidence. The region is a living example that miracles do not just happen, they are given a push on the way.

That is exactly what we need, the hands of every Rwandan on board. If push comes to shove, we should stand up and be counted.


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