Inside the world of movie watchers in Rwanda

As the trend of film watching intensifies, movie lovers all over Rwanda, crave for their favorites, ranging from action packed to thrillers, and African movies.
Micheal scof
Micheal scof

As the trend of film watching intensifies, movie lovers all over Rwanda, crave for their favorites, ranging from action packed to thrillers, and African movies.

The movie actors and directors have also gone all the way to refine, innovate and create new advancements to satisfy their diverse fans, of all ages and background.

Around Kigali and other surrounding places surveyed, various movie libraries visited run movie series.

However actions packed are also wanted and watched movies. The types of films depend on different tastes and the emerging interest accompanied by growing business in the particular part of the entertainment industry.

John Peter Sindayigaya, a library attendant in Boom Boom Video library in Remera, a Kigali suburb said that the most liked series at the library are new port beach, commonly known as orange county (OC), seasons code-named 24 and prison break.

Sindayigaya added that Nigerian movies like blood sisters is a darling to many, and followed by Rambo four, as the most liked action packed movie.

When we went to Big top video library in Kabeza, Rambo 4 emerged the top hunted movie, followed by ‘Am the legend’ by will smith and prison break series.

Noriva Video Library has recorded Nigerian movies mostly Beyonce, blood sisters and honey, according to Gaston Muramutsa.

However, other movies like Special Forces, We were soldiers, Prison break and 24 hours (Chrono Seasons), were also on high demand.

When one put together the turn ups of clients looking for movies, from the various libraries, you can’t fail to realize the similarity and connectivity in their choices to particular movies.

For example in video world library, in Giporoso, where prison break (season three) and two, orange county, Beyonce, one tree hill, show me heaven, and Rambo 4, were taking movie lovers by storm .

In simple logic, Rambo 4 and Prison Break became the best two liked movies.

"The secret, for instance behind prison break obsession, is its unique blend of suspenseful action and its impeccable production designs which has made it a state-of -the-art movie", said Justine Murebwayire a female client who had come at Video World Library.

The movie’s ability to take people by surprise is also responsible for the huge turn up of its funs.

Prison break for example, is about an architect ‘Michael Scoffield, who was helped by a prison map tattooed on his entire body, fights against all odds to rescue his brother ‘Linkin Barros.

So he decides to commit a felony, to get access into the prison.

While in prison one thing leads to another, hence landing into a plot of a fortune in form of money that was hidden in some place outside the jail. So the prisoners merge up to escape and unearth the fortune.

Unfortunately, a certain prison guard comes to learn about the money deal, so he also wants to have a share.

After the escape, the mean looking prison guard, sensed the limited chances of having a glance on the money, and plots to have them re-arrested.

t is twisted in endless scandals and suspenseful happenings, which leave you breathlessly hunting for what comes next.

Rambo 4 is a newly released film that has not yet been circulated but taking some clients because of the actors first old films like first blood and the like.

The man of legacy in his action packed films has brought back the memories of the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris while attracting many fans.

"People still have homesickness, about the Rambo movies, that were a-must-watch two decades ago, for people of all age groups," Rutayisire of Kimironko said.

Rambo 4, a movie directed by Sylvester stallon in 2008, also its main actor, has won many people‘s fascination, partly because of its timelessness and its outstanding full-blooded over the years.


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