MC Monday sings for children as well

Experience has shown that most people do not understand how important music is to children.

Experience has shown that most people do not understand how important music is to children.

But one courageous musician broke the silence by using his songs to come very close to children.

He is known by the names of Sibi Gashumba Asuman a.k.a. Mc Monday; he recorded a song inyoni which literally means a bird. In fact he does not only have an audience of children, the old too, enjoy his music." I also sing for old people," said he.

Mc Monday, 32 has two albums rotating around the airwaves and his latest being Uri Mwiza Mama (you are beautiful mom). This is a 2004 release.

He sings love songs and uses an interesting beat, that children like most.

"If love existed, there would never have been Genocide. That is why, we must bring up our children with love if we are to have a better country and future generation," Mc Monday said.

This particular song (inyoni) was received with mixed emotions and people misinterpreted it, but he has successfully managed to explain exactly what it is all about.

"It was composed from a folk tale that was told by our parents when we were still young. Things according to this song do not mean any thing obscene as most people perceive it every time they listen to it. There was a bird that used to frequent a home, only, after discovering that, the home was a source of millet, its favorite food. Whenever the millet was not there, the bird would complain to a young girl in the home", he said.

It is thus from this interesting folk story that; he picked interest to compose a song for the young ones to enjoy.

Yet according to him, the public is still failing to understand his intensions.

"I would like to use this chance to make it clear to every one that their judgments are wrong and it is actually the reverse of what they think. When we show love in everything we do and most especially to the children, this world will be a better place to live," he emphasized.


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