Hooray for weekend!

I know we all love weekends. It all depends on how it ends. Thank God mine ended in an exciting spirit.

I know we all love weekends. It all depends on how it ends. Thank God mine ended in an exciting spirit.

I started the weekend on Friday. I had managed to work so hard and this made me finish my assignment at work ahead the schedule.

I went to BABA’s cafeteria to mingle with my friends and figure out the weekend.

 First on our agenda was to go out and have some kind of relaxation after a stressful week.

We were 100% sure to have fun. So, we avoided anything or anyone who would antagonize us.

Our first venue was Kavannah, a place well-known for its pizza. We all ordered for our favourite pizzas; I ate Fred Elliott - spicy pork and beef, ham slices and pepperoni. Oh my God, it’s yummy!

From there, we went to Papyrus, one of Kigali’s hottest bars, situated at Kimihururu.

We had wines and beers. Probably, you will have to forgive me if I said that the bar is meant for elderly people and not the youth. Sure it is, because its ambience is not that booming. It’s kind of a relaxed place.

Here we are at H2O! It’s really a booming nightspot and usually filled by the sea of the youth. We only took one round as it was approaching to midnight, and headed over to B-Club, which was intended to be our last stopover.

Yes! Yes!! Yelled Jessica, as she stepped out of the car. Here we are guys, let’s enter quickly and bliss the floor….supplemented Jackson, as he removed his jacket and started swinging in the air. 

No doubt the dance floor was ours in the club, and we made everyone agitated as we introduced our new dancing strokes.

We left club at 3:00am; went home to have a snooze, because I had to go to Church to thank the Almighty God for having protected me throughout the week.

I was dozing in church throughout.  I went in late and found when the place was packed and had to seat behind. This was however, a blessing in disguise as no body real noticed my dozing.


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