Rayon pandemonium

• Entire executive committee resigns• Ruhamyambuga left in charge• Ferwafa ban club vice presidentThe entire Rayon Sports executive committee has officially resigned their duties, Times Sport can exclusively reveal.

• Entire executive committee resigns

• Ruhamyambuga left in charge

• Ferwafa ban club vice presidentThe entire Rayon Sports executive committee has officially resigned their duties, Times Sport can exclusively reveal.

In a telephone interview with Times Sport, the second in a space of four days, club president Paul Muvunyi confirmed the development but declined to clarify the reasons that led to their resignation.

Muvunyi said, "The club committee has resigned and reasons behind our resignations will be made public on April 20, the day for fresh elections".

Yesterday Muvunyi refused to give reason for their action as if he had forgotten that he gave a hint earlier in the week in regards to what forced him and his committee to throw in the towel.

On Wednesday, we broke a story indicating that some Rayon officials including the club president were threatening to resign. Three days later, what was a threat, became an actual act.

In that story, the soft spoken local businessman said, "We spent over Frw15 millions towards the team’s trip to Sudan and in my opinion things are not supposed to be like that".

"It’s so disappointing from our (Rayon) point of view to see that, no one came up to support us during that challenging time," Muvunyi complained.

The threat to throw in the towel stemmed from what Muvunyi described as failure by the Ministry of sports and Ferwafa to his help his team like it’s supposed to be the case for all teams representing the country.

He further said, "If these issues are not addressed as soon as possible, I will resign as Rayon Sport president". And three days after, the whole club committee has now thrown in the towel.

Muvunyi has left the club in the hands of club’s honorary president Paul Ruhamyambuga and head coach Raoul Shungu until a new committee takes charge.

Habiyakare banned

Meanwhile, local football ruling body, Ferwafa has banned Rayon Sport vice president Said Habiyakare indefinitely.

Ferwafa CEO Jules Kalisa said that Habiyakare’s ban is for his role in causing all the mess that surrounded the club’s shameful trip to Khartoum.

"Habiyakare is the trouble causer for all the messes and for that, Ferwafa has stopped him carrying out any club duties indefinitely" Kalisa confirmed yesterday.

Pichou detained in Addis Ababa

Rayon Sports defender Philip Gasana a.k.a Pichou was detained at Addis Ababa international airport for reportedly causing chaos in a transit bar.

It is reported that Gasana drank beyond his control causing chaos that later landed himself in Police custody on the club’s return trip from Khartoum on Wednesday night.

He didn’t return back with the whole squad which arrived in the country on Thursday.


For starters, Rayon’s delegation to Khartoum was kept stranded at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi for more than 24 hours awaiting clearance from the Sudan’s Immigration department.

The mess started early last week when the team postponed its trip on two separate occasions, first on Wednesday and again on Thursday before finally making the trip on Friday with the game scheduled for Saturday.

Further to that, the team moved in two bunches from Nairobi with 15 players traveling in the first group on Saturday evening and the remaining ten plus officials traveled the following day.

The Blues had initially been scheduled to fly out last Wednesday but a break down in communication between the club officials, Ferwafa and the sports ministry led to a mix up in flight bookings.

Inevitably, last year’s beaten finalist secured a health 3-0 victory ahead of the return leg in Kigali in two weeks’ time.

Rayon will be without Aimable Rucogoza after the Rwandan international defender was dismissed for a second bookable offence in a march the home team dominated and could have even won by a far bigger score. Rwanda’s representatives have a mountain to climb as they must overturn a 3-0 deficit to reach the group stages of the competition.


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