Artists speak out on Intellectual Property rights

ON Tuesday, April 26, the world celebrated the international intellectual property day and The New Times’ Linda Mbabazi captured some of the famous personalities in the local showbiz as they commented on intellectual property and its shortcomings in Rwanda. Below are the excerpts:
Aline Gahongayire (file photo)..
Aline Gahongayire (file photo)..

“I don’t support the idea of radio stations and clubs buying our music because only a few will be able to sell their music. The problem in Rwanda is that people prefer foreign to local. The government should limit foreign music from entering into the country. I am glad that there is an association, which will protect our copyrights.”

Gahongayire is an award-winning Gospel artiste and she expected to travel to Nigeria in October to work one of the country’s movie companies.


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