CNLS restores hope for child mothers

KIBUYE — The National Aids Control Commission [CNLS] has restored hope for teenage mothers in Karongi district.


KIBUYE — The National Aids Control Commission [CNLS] has restored hope for teenage mothers in Karongi district.

The commission on Tuesday signed an agreement with district leaders committing close to Frw70 million towards fighting HIV/Aids among youth, and setting up income generating projects for child mothers.

During the occasion, it was noted that young mothers need reliable sources of income to help them meet the feeding needs of their children. According to officials, this would deter them from resorting to the sex trade which would expose them to HIV/Aids. 
The money will also be used to boost family planning campaigns in the four sectors of Mubuga, Rwankuba, Bwishyura and Gitesi.

“This money is meant for electrification of health centres which is currently a problem, sponsor Anti-Aids youth clubs through music competitions, family planning, awareness campaigns and cater for child mothers,” said Antoine Semukanya, the deputy Executive Secretary of CNLS.

Semukanya advised leaders to act exemplary by going for voluntary HIV testing to know their status.

“Emphasis should be put on expectant mothers. They should be encouraged to have routine tests before giving birth so they could produce healthy babies,” he said.
CNLS commended Karongi District for effectively using Frw24 million offered to the district last year towards the Aids campaign.

“Last year we signed a similar agreement and we are happy that the money was effectively used. We appeal to the district leaders to use this money in the same way and ensure proper accountability,” said Semukanya.

Receiving the donation, the district Mayor Bernard Kayumba urged health leaders and area CNLS officials to avoid diverting the money. “We all need to be practical workers and watch closely whether this money is used where it is,” he said.

“Part of last year’s money was used to renovate Kirambo Health Centre, and buying medical equipment,” Kayumba explained.

He continued that the money also paid school fees for 30 students in SFG Karengera, trained people including medical staff about HIV/AIDS, provided treatment to HIV-infected people and formed small income generating projects for the victims,
Others who witnessed the signing ceremony included a representative the Great Lakes Initiative on Aids [GLIA], the Director of Kibuye Hospital, area CNLS leaders and heads of health departments in the district.

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