Fair Place, a perfect nightspot

Probably one can be forgiven to say that the name gives a wrong description of the place.

Probably one can be forgiven to say that the name gives a wrong description of the place.

It’s not a fair place as the name suggests but a snobbish one, because of its fancy ambiance. And, with its upscale services, the place is normally associated by the well-heeled class, whose pockets do not limit them on what to drink or eat.

It was formally called Tarasa but its name was later changed to Fair Place. In fact, it’s not only the name that changed but a full package of products ranging from expensive drinks, latest music and polished services, and much more.

Situated in the heart of the city, Fair Place is set to change the face of nightspots in Kigali for the better, with its fine services.

The nightclub is just the thing for those who appreciate a stuck-up pleasure of life. It is located in a quite spacious environment with maximum security on both lives and cars.

According to the proprietor, Robert (who also runs Chez Robert restaurant), Fair Place is one of the latest nightclubs in Kigali that opened its doors on 1st January, 2007.

"A night club changes according to standards", Robert says,

Fair Place has elegant and sizeable dance floor, and its interior is covered with high quality imported carpets. The counter is also covered by luxurious and tasteful drinks of all brands.

For the visually hungry, the club has enough screens where you can watch all sports, movies, music or celebrate channels.

With its ambiance, Fair Place has adequate seats, a friendly environment, which gives clients more opportunities to dance freely and take their time bonding and drinking. For non smokers, there is an extra space at balcony that reduces the risk of passive smoking, and gives you a healthier night out.

The seating area is set in a way that while you engage in conversation with your company, there is no fear of eavesdropping, there’s is sufficient space for you to relax as you enjoy the moment at the club.


Fair Place, as said before, is a place for people who enjoy clubbing but also having a taste in the finest rhythms. The ‘Disco Joker’ does the real thing in mixing the music. The likes of the Salsa, Hip hop, RnB and reggae playing!

My favourite was the (Sidewalk university riddim, by Tony Matterhorn). Oh my God, we did the real bogging.

Other number played included; Chris Brown’s run it, Ring the alarm, by Beyonce, Carlos Santana’s Smooth and Cher’s Dove lamore. Anyway, despite the pricey drinks and probably the entry fee, the place is worthy appreciating.

The club does not limit the music selections. They also play Bongo flava and Lingala, so as to make all their clients feel at home.

Pool tables

The pool table is hidden away from the crowd of dancers and this allows pool fans to enjoy their game in a quite calm environment. It is distanced from the crowd so that players can enjoy ‘the pool game’ without the usual noise that is normally associated with many pool joints. No wonder, it’s a posh nightspot anyway!

Probably one would say that Fair Place is the best dancing place around the city. The bouncers do not harass clients as commonly witnessed in some of other night clubs in town. Clients are not limited from their tastes and preferences (drinks are in abundance). And the entrance fee is relatively affordable.

However, Fair Place is poorly located alongside the roadside and thus exposes its clients to road accidents.

The club too, has got a minimal parking space which often limits the number of clients. The only alternative is to come as early as 9:00pm and get the parking space. When you come late, you are obliged to park many meters away from the club, thus putting your car at risk of theft.

Further more, Fair Place is a very expensive nightspot, which does not entertain the poor, thus discriminating social-economic class.


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