Renegades: The Real Kayumba and Rudasingwa

As pointed out in the earlier article, the association as well as collaboration of renegades with FDRL and Victoire Ingabire FDU-Inkingi is no longer public debate. That these four renegades have sought alliance with the most odious groups that are defined by bloody history smacks all logic.

As pointed out in the earlier article, the association as well as collaboration of renegades with FDRL and Victoire Ingabire FDU-Inkingi is no longer public debate. That these four renegades have sought alliance with the most odious groups that are defined by bloody history smacks all logic.

What is ironic for the gang of four however, is their recent denial of information that is public ie their being part of FDLR/FDU-Inkingi terrorists. Last weekend, Kayumba was on BBC denying his links with FDLR, typical of this his highly manipulative character that has always been his brand.

But this is against all hard evidence that points to the full association and collaboration in the most demonic project any soul would think of undertaking, even if its execution can only be in a demonic mind, and never will anyway.

Thus for instance, Paul Rusesabagina, the self-styled Hollywood hero of the movie “Hotel Rwanda” and alleged humanitarian finally admitted his connections to the FDLR, the terrorist organization based in the DRC.

Speaking to students and members of the public at the Student Union at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Rusesabagina revealed that he has met with Gahima and his half brother Rudasingwa, and the three are working closely to bring down the democratically elected government in Kigali. Rusesabagina revealed that he is in close contact with Kayumba and Karegeya.

And that they, are in agreement about seeking to overthrow the democratically elected government of Rwanda. Addressing some 500 students at the University of Central Florida, as well as members of the public, Rusesabagina repeatedly called the FDLR a “Rwandese liberation movement” seeking to bring about change in Rwanda. To him, and the renegade four, FDLR is not a terrorist group (even after being listed as such by both US and UN), and one they can use to bring ‘change’ in Rwanda. And, now Rusesabagina is touted to chair the outfit RNC, the so called (Rwanda National Congress) whatever it means to be national for the renegades.

Genocide revisionism by Rusesabagina is on record. That of Rudasingwa, his half brother Gahima, Karegeya and Kayumba, is in black and white as well. If these are oppositionist we need in our country, God forbid. They can only manipulate those who have no idea of who these men were while they held office. Disaster and a digress to the system that made them who they were, for they were nobody hitherto. 

However, Kayumba has tried many times to play into Rwandans’ memory, which is not as short as he imagines. Rwandans know what they want, and who can deliver the same. None of the renegades would fit this bill before, and least now.

Recently, FDU-Inkingi faction merged with RNC in Europe, where Gahima and his half brother Rudasingwa represented Kayumba at the function. But if FDU-Inkingi has openly associated itself with FDLR (and Ingabiri who faces charges of financing and arming FDLR) why should Kayumba deny his association and collaboration with FDRL (a genocidal, a politico-military outfit rightly classified as terrorist and whose members  are  genocide perpetrators and/or apologists).

Beside, Lt. Col Abraham Sam Bisengimana, a former FDLR Commander who surrendered and returned home a few weeks ago, owing to what he describes as “wrangles and nepotism” within the ranks of the terrorist group, confirmed that in a meeting held in Pretoria, South Africa on January, 30, 2011 and attended by about 10 people, Kayumba and Karegyeya were designated as intermediaries between the FDLR and the international stakeholders.

In the meeting moderated by Frank Ntwali, Kayumba’s brother-in-law and attended by top FDLR representatives as well as ex-FAR commanders living in Cape Town, Kayumba and Karegyeya committed themselves to the task of procuring weapons and working to sanitize the FDLR, by helping improve its propaganda campaign.

Lt. Col. Bisengimana further told the news media that Theogene Rudasingwa, Gerald Gahima, Paul Rusesabagina, as well as representatives of the Victoire Ingabire faction of the divided FDU-Inkingi have been organizing meetings in Europe and North America to enlist support.

According to the former FDLR commander, Gahima and Rudasingwa’s Rwanda National Congress (RNC) believes this approach will help gain sympathy for FDLR. But surely who, in his sober mind, would want sympathy of a group that Rwandans will forever hate to remember for perpetrating genocide. They will run, but they will not hide from this heinous crime of association and collaboration.

They simply earned themselves terrible wrath of Rwandans, including those they purport to speak for. It was the craziest miscalculation on their part, and worse still that of their supporters whether individuals or otherwise.  

While the meeting resolved to set up a structure in South Africa to co-ordinate their propaganda, it was overshadowed by questions from ex-FAR commanders who wondered whether Kayumba and Karegyeya would be reliable given the senior positions they occupied in the Government of Rwanda.

Lt. Col. Bisengimana disclosed that the ex-FAR representatives’ cynical view of Kayumba and Karegeya was a reflection of Sylvestre Madacumbura’s declaration that while he is prepared to work with the Rwandan fugitives in the short term, if he ever ‘succeeded’ in returning to Rwanda, he would never work with the Tutsis (unfinished business).

A UN Security Council Group of Experts’ report, last year, revealed that both Kayumba and Karegyeya have strong links with the FDLR and were involved with armed groups in the DRC.

Regional security chiefs, representing the Economic Community of Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL), disclosed that the fugitives, Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegyeya, have formed a new armed group based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), with the aim of destabilizing the region. And so who did Kayumba and his fellow renegades target to convince in his BBC interview against such a conclusive evidence of the most contemptible group that has blood of 1,000,000 lives on their hands? The truth is; Kayumba and his fellow renegades, should carry the heaviest cross they can ever carry for the rest of their lives.

FDLR has fought their demonic wars for over 16 yrs with futility and deep illusion that is only logical to a crazy mind. Kayumba can console himself to be the general of FDLR and be prepared to pursue a demonic cause, that will certainly lead them to the demonic end.

To be continued...


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