Yes, quality health services essential

Editor,I wish to bring to your attention a disturbing development with the new electronic access control system being installed at Kigali Airport. It has become a complete bottleneck to the flow of traffic, especially out of the facility.
Outside of Kigali Central University Hospital ( CHU
Outside of Kigali Central University Hospital ( CHU


I would like to comment on the article published in the yesterday’s issue of The NewTimes titled “Minister Calls for quality health service delivery”. Indeed, medical officials must not only give quality health services but also care about the patients.

Like the Health Minister put it during a meeting that brought together over 500 health practitioners from all district hospitals and health centers across the country, patients always have trust in the doctors and the medical people are expected to reciprocate.  It is unfortunate that some health officials mistreat the patients instead of caring for them.

Maintaining and enhancing professional practice is fundamental to providing high quality care and this must be maintained.

As custodians of a specialized body of knowledge and skills, health care professionals have a tendency to view quality in terms of technical excellence. Technical excellence encompasses the appropriateness of services provided and the skill with which appropriate care is given.

High technical quality consists of doing the right thing at the right time. This requires that practitioners make the best decisions about healthcare for each patient (high-quality decision-making), and requires skill, judgement, and timeliness of execution (high quality performance).

Apart from getting patients’ views, empowering patients is the other important approach to make them comfortable.

Patient, currently
at KCH in Kigali


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