Kayumba: The Real Kayumba

Kayumba, as usual, The Real Kayumba was in media recently (Monitor, 11/1/11), but this time arguing about an issue that is too basic for even the simplistic mind to comprehend. His demotion by a military court. His utterance in The Monitor, took many by surprise. Not so much as to its content, for it only puts in black and white his oversized egos, (which is no longer public debatable) that has driven him this far, this low any soul would wish to be.

Kayumba, as usual, The Real Kayumba was in media recently (Monitor, 11/1/11), but this time arguing about an issue that is too basic for even the simplistic mind to comprehend. His demotion by a military court.

His utterance in The Monitor, took many by surprise. Not so much as to its content, for it only puts in black and white his oversized egos, (which is no longer public debatable) that has driven him this far, this low any soul would wish to be. But rather, that, he could even debate it in public, smacks this man’s judgement, and substance if any.

Although his treasonable actions, cheap popularity, abuse of office, misappropriation of national resources to buy constituency, both in our defence forces as well as in civic, patronage that had no parallel and various omissions while in office has already put to test, and exposed the real Kayumba that many had not known, and would never have know had it not been his recent unmasking of his true character. A character, that lacks the basic character of a man in a general.

Characters without Character

I have argued in this column before, issues that concerns the renegades turned politicians, where I did point out substantively the effect that, these renegades did not any at point in time, (as far as any body can remember) disagree on any issue political, economic, social or otherwise that concerned the governance of our country while in office or a serving in our defence forces.

At no time did any of these renegades come up with alternative policies that would either compete/compliment national policies, which are all (including our international friends and partners in development) thoroughly debated and pass through many fora that vets them before they are implemented. These are men who as matter of record were part and parcel of some, if not all policy development and implementation during the time they served (given that they left the country variously between 9 months to 5 yrs). None of these left citing political persecution nor did any one of them leave because he espoused a different view. They did not lack the space, as they were in the party (RPF) that allows through debates of any party anywhere. They did not leave because our judiciary was not ‘transparent’ for Gahima was senior in this system, a system he messed up, and most recent reforms are to undo his messes. They did not even leave because of ‘sectarian cause’ they now agitate was any issue to them, for most exploited the same, and indeed Gahima gained immensely from the exploits of the same. Rather, all of them ended their careers with disasters (crime laden, corrupt to the core, literally all of them, arrogance that is will linger in the minds of those that happen to have been in touch with them, and intimidation that left some traumatized)  that have defined their professional underpins, as well as their character.

Their past has in fact caught up with their present, presenting them with a doomed future (if any), unfortunately for their off-springs too. That they can now hoodwink those that do not have knowledge of their past is not surprising. What is surprising though is that, those they tend to hoodwink should try and do some research on these characters as to what have put them in the most treacherous situation any souls can ever find themselves in.

These are not political opponents for they did not stand for opposite view while in office. And if politicians are to be vetted for a political career none of these renegades would obtain the bill of health to this effect. If leaving office after committing various serious crimes to the people of Rwanda, qualifies a person to be an oppositionist, then this would be a new political phenomenon by any measure. And if outliers in a society in the extreme sense of the word from immorality, to distorted character, thuggery name it, is what we Rwandans would want from our leaders typical of the renegades, this country would be as an outlier to nation states.

No sensible Rwandan would allow this to be fall his or her country. As for foreign, our memories are fresh, and they will ever be. When they took their flights back home in 1994, only to watch genocide live on their Tvs in their western comfort homes, a genocide that has no parallel in history, be it the timing, the form, and the extent to which it was executed to a helpless people just because, they happen to be who they are. But this taught us one lesson, a lesson that most African have not been the best students, and I am a pessimist at this. That our destiny will be defined and shaped by ourselves, like others have done in history, and that no body, absolutely no body will do this for us. Period.

Yes, our friends will give us help in all forms, which is useful and welcome, but at the end of the day, we shall be who we are from who we are. No exogenous variables/factors can fundamentally change this. It can only complement the same, but is by no means whatsoever its substitute.

Development history is clear about this, and Rwandans especially our leadership have up to now, been good at it    

Kayumba: A Fluker in a Struggle.

For starters, Kayumba joined the struggle late, and his assertion that he staked his life smacks all forms logic. Our struggle was priceless before, during, and even after. It was the most expensive struggle in human history by every sense and standard. He or his renegades friends did nothing special over and above those of our compatriots and for which they can claim special credit at all. It was a collective efforts of all Rwandans of good will, well aware of the cause, that saw the struggle through. This struggle put Kayumba and his fellow renegades in the positions they happen to have been for administrative purposes only.

It was not by merit, for it was even too early to use meritorious standards to judge amalgamation of individuals drawn from different backgrounds, positions (none for most) regions, social backgrounds, different upbringing (or lack of it) as to who would be fit for what, as is the case in stable systems where one rises through ranks after a known career path. We have many Rwandans heros (a number who died in action) and many other living heroes, that the likes of Kayumba can not even compare.

They are millions of Rwandan civilians that were fundamental to the struggle in many various ways, and whose heroic activities has brought us this much, this far.

All Promotions can be Reversed:

One wonders whether Kayumba, had no basic idea whatsoever that, all promotions can be reversed by the authorities awarding such promotion This is true if in the view of the awarding authorities, the holder behaved in a manner prejudicial to the interest of the profession and or members of similar rank, or if his/her behaviour is too low, to sustain and or contradicts the honours that such promotion bestows on the holder.

Thus, a medical doctor (Dr) can be stripped of his title if his/her behaviour is preducial to the interests of the medical profession. A Professor can equally be stripped off this honour if his/her behaviour smacks the honours that is intrinsic in this promotion. This why all parties promoted to given rank/ levels that carries titles of honour are expected to behave in a manner that befits the privileges accorded by the same honours, short of which these are revoked by the awarding authority. Moreover, Kayumba should have known that, it is not so much of the form of the title that is important. It is rather the substance in the title. This substances is then to do with the substance of the person that holds the title. Where the substance of the title is seriously distorted/imagery (as is the case for Kayumba), the form is, but a mere label. A label that the authority that gave the same, can withdraw to protect the substance not only of the holder, but also that of others who belong to the same family promoted to the rank, (but who hold substance) and to send signal to those that will attain the same that, these promotions carries rights and obligations, and that, when the substance of the holder has been extremely compromised out of his/her own actions, that it ridicules those other members, such promotions can be revoked. Thus, Kayumba, the real Kayumba subjected himself to public redicule, like many other ridicules that now define his character, when he questioned his demotion. But this is the real Kayumba with overstated egos and oversized pride. But as they say, ‘pride dies twenty four hours after the death of the proud’... To many Rwandans, Kayumba’s demotion came too late.

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