Alliance of Evil: The Case of Rujugiro, The Gang of Four

Part I Various commentators in this column have highlighted a number of serious demonic actions of The Gang of haters that turned ‘politicians’ namely Kayumba, Gahima, his half brother Rudasingwa, and Karegeya.

Part I

Various commentators in this column have highlighted a number of serious demonic actions of The Gang of haters that turned ‘politicians’ namely Kayumba, Gahima, his half brother Rudasingwa, and Karegeya.

Some of the treasonable actions pointed out by various commentators were later to be confirmed by other senior government officials and later UN Report of FDLR activities in DR Congo, which officially put on record the activities of these renegades, in association and collaboration with FDLR. That these fugitives entered the unholiest alliance with the genocidal perpetrators was at first treated with skepticism by many Rwandans as well as friends of Rwanda.

For Rwandans, this association was at  first dismissed as merely demonic, unbelievable, political gimmick, name it, mainly because our memories of genocide, its perpetrators, and more so its impact on social-political economy of our country that is bound to be felt for generations to come.

That anyone can be associated with, let alone be part of FDLR is anathema, and the most abhorable state any soul would find himself, leave alone chose to be.  That they are part and parcel of FDLR is no longer news to Rwandans, who will not come to terms with this development. Even a few Rwandans that had given this group political benefits of doubt, had settled for the reality.

A reality that has only served to relegate this gang from Rwandan social public, whatever consolation these seem to harbor. The reality is: This gang substantively eliminated themselves from Rwandan identity whether Hutus (which seems to be their strongest focus) nor Tutsis who cannot imagine one of their ‘own’ joining genocidal forces no matter his/her grievance.    

As many commentators in this paper have rightly put it, genocide is an indelible scar and a mark on the conscience of our people and nation. And anyone who wants to scratch this scar can be sure that, he/she will meet the crashing will and resilience of Rwandans, and decisively.

This is the reality that awaits, this gang no matter how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Rwandans will foot the bill.

These renegades are not only part of FDLR, but are now recruiting very few disgruntled elements to their crazy ‘cause’. A ‘cause’ that was borne out of their omissions in our society where they held senior positions, from which they were either expelled (in case of Karegeya and Rudasingwa) or run out themselves as in case of Kayumba and Gahima. Basically, a cause of their failures.
Chief Financier and a Senior Gang

Of late however, reports indicate that, Mr Rujugiro Ayabatwa, also a fugitive in South Africa, has astounded many Rwandans, by openly financing a project of highest futility a person of his age, a prisoner twice in his life for unflattering reasons. If he did not learn any lessons from such a desolate moment in his life, he never will.

Hard evidence indicates that, he has come open to the effect that, he will support and bankroll their evil activities aimed at destabilizing the country. That he is financing this gang is not in question as will be detailed in following articles. What many Rwandans that have heard and seen this wonder is, what motive has he to finance a war waged by terrorist (FRDL) well aware of the consequences ?

Secondly, although this gang is a product of their own failures/omissions/over-stated egos, opportunists and popularists, failures in their milliards, nevertheless, the unity of purpose they harbor has exposed their substance (if any) to the extent to which any one in his right mind can finance FDLR. The case of Rusesabagina and his financing of FDLR is vivid, and the consequences of this will unfold soon. But these are supposedly two ‘different’ characters only brought together by unity purpose albeit extremely evil. That one can finance terrorist knowing the consequences of doing so beats all forms of logic, least that of an old man, the age of Rujugiro. But again, terrorist whether hutus or tustis, like other terrorists the world over, are driven by extreme hate over a people or a group of individuals. This hate then drives these deviants to do what is crazy in the eyes of average normal person in the name of eliminating what they hate.

Relationship between Kayumba, Karegeya and Rujugiro.
These three are related by the fact that, money to these three is an end. That not withstanding, the three met in Mauritius in 2009, for the same evil scheme. What has baffled many Rwandans though is that, Rujugiro started bankrolling activities of the gang of four immediately after Kayumba fled the country.

Kayumba’s small band of recruits were then transported to Rujugiro’s tobacco farm in East London in South Africa, where these are then indoctrinated. Rujugiro’s financing machination to bigarasha in South Africa, has been executed using a lady courier to deflect/disguise his identity. 

Will be continued next week:


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