The Last Kick Of A Dying Horse

I read with shock and dismay the recent treacherous and most arrogant article by Theogene Rudasingwa entitled “The Freedom and Peace Speech Kagame should have Read: the Real State of the Nation”. It convinced me of a number of things.

I read with shock and dismay the recent treacherous and most arrogant article by Theogene Rudasingwa entitled “The Freedom and Peace Speech Kagame should have Read: the Real State of the Nation”. It convinced me of a number of things.

Firstly, that the man really joined the RPF for opportunistic reasons and that he did not and does not espouse its political philosophy or the agenda it had and still has for our country. It is this philosophy that has helped Rwanda to endure and survive the destructive machinations of self-seekers like Theogene Rudasingwa.

Secondly, that Rudasingwa, like many others in the so-called opposition, is out of touch with the reality on the ground, especially the mutual love between President Kagame and the Rwandan people. If he had been at the President’s campaign rallies last year and seen the countless numbers of Rwandan people who came to express their love for and gratitude to him for uplifting them from poverty and other ills that they had previously been subjected to, Rudasingwa would not have a shred of doubt in his mind that there is political space in Rwanda, that President Kagame is loved by the Rwandan people, and that he was freely and fairly elected.

Thirdly, I now believe what a Rwandan in Brussels told us last time President Kagame visited and interacted with the Rwandan Diaspora in Europe: that sometimes the harsh winter weather freezes some people’s brains and they go bonkers! Or is this the last kick of a dying horse?

How else can you explain that a man of Rudasingwa’s intellect indulges in treason and tries to convince the world that our country “has become a sick nation, with chronically sick people that desperately need healing at home and abroad”? Can there be a worse insult to the Rwandan people than that? Good heavens, no, Rudasingwa! Our modus vivendi these days is predicated on the dignity of our country and the Rwandan people. We are a dignified nation, proud of our achievements under the leadership of President Kagame, and we are working hard to attain our goal and aspiration of becoming a high income country, with every Rwandan enjoying the benefits. That is the real state of our nation and that is what President Kagame was articulating.

Let me remind Rudasingwa what he knows well but chooses to ignore in his futile attempt to confuse the world: Our country is a country governed by the rule of law; we have an inclusive government that promotes and implements power sharing amongst people of diverse political affiliations and persuasions. These are enshrined in our constitution that all Rwandans chose after exhaustive consultations inside and outside our country.

The notion that power has corrupted certain individuals because they monopolise it is simply absurd and a red herring. There is no need, and indeed no room for preferential treatment to RPF cadres (providing schools and training as well as employment opportunities for them) because we give equal opportunities to all Rwandans.

Theogene Rudasingwa pretends he is railing against division, but goes on to propose development of Rwanda based on sections of the population he isolates from the rest.

In the past Rwanda has been weakened by divisions as he rightly points out. He forgets to add, however, that the divisions were created and exploited by traitors and selfish individuals seeking personal gain, not the common good. Rudasingwa falls in this category.

Can I also remind him that there was an investigation into the death of President Habyarimana and the findings are contained in the Mutsinzi report, available for all who want to find out the truth.

Rudasingwa tries to appeal in equal measure to the RPF cadres, the terrorist group, FDLR, and other armed groups, to those who have been convicted for genocide crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and invites them all for a national dialogue. He deliberately disregards the fact that every year, Rwandans of all walks of life and from all corners of the world converge here in Kigali for the national dialogue.

They openly join the debate, ring in or send sms messages and emails on all issues pertaining to the governance of our country and they “recommend a way forward on substantive challenges facing the country”.

Rudasingwa attempts to rewrite our history by presenting the RPF struggle as a civil war between different sections of Rwandans. It was no such thing as he knows very well. It was a struggle to reclaim the country from bad leaders, restore democracy and the rule of law, and return it to its rightful owners – all Rwandans.

What integration is he talking about when it is already national policy to have ex-FAR and FDLR who choose to return home integrated into the RDF and other aspects of national life?

He advocates for impunity as a price Rwandans should pay in the name of freedom. When you reward those who committed genocide, where do you place the survivors of that heinous crime, who, despite incredible odds, have accepted reconciliation on the understanding that justice will be served, and will be seen to be served?

Finally, let me harass Rudasingwa in the manner we like to “harass opponents at home and abroad”. You are a medical doctor. You know that when bitterness, a disgruntled mind, arrogance and misplaced ego come together, they result in a cocktail of illusions and lies that you have been propagating about Rwanda and President Kagame. Repent and come home like did the prodigal son. And let us all join hands to build this beautiful country of ours that we so love.

Do you need any reminding that the American audience can tell a traitor when they see one, and that they will listen to you but hold you in contempt when you spread malicious falsehoods about your country and the leader that they know has restored hope to the Rwandan people?           


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