Ignore wild diversionary claims against Rwanda

The masterminds of the Rwandan genocide, milling in European capitals, will not stop their heinous acts as their sole aim is to shed more and more innocent Rwandan blood.

The masterminds of the Rwandan genocide, milling in European capitals, will not stop their heinous acts as their sole aim is to shed more and more innocent Rwandan blood.
Consider the timing of their wild claims - strategic in their blurred judgement - at a time Rwanda’s successes are ubiquitous at home and abroad prompting important world leaders to visit and see for themselves.

Further, Genocide commemoration period is approaching and it has always been a source of discomfort for them as architects of genocide.

Last year, with the help of their greedy, selfish and optimistic accomplices in the West, they managed to convince a hither to widely ‘respected’ French lawyer Jean-Louis Bruguiere to issue international arrest warrants for what he called war criminals in what was then Rwanda Patriotic Army - a force that stopped the genocide which aimed to decimate Tutsis from the face of this nation.

Bruguiere may be French but it is debatable if he ever made any effort to get neutral information before accepting this undertaking.

However, this is the man who went ahead and ‘issued arrest warrants to people in circumstances he hardly had a clue about, apart from fabrications from rich genocidaires who apparently proved they could raise enough dollars as his fees.

Now, seeing that no one had taken notice of France’s Bruguiere, the genocidaires think they can make their case by hoodwinking a new found ‘learned friend’, Spanish National Court Judge Fernando Andreu from a nation not associated the Rwandan genocide - Spain. Genocidaires wherever you are, stop running like headless chickens.

You have surely run out of ideas, come home and answer for your misdeeds. You may lure the likes of Bruguiere and Fernando on to your band wagon but this will not be for long.

Do these so called learned friends, as they sit in their air conditioned law chambers listening to their genocidal clients ever imagine themselves in such situations and their own course of action?

Are they suggesting the rebels would have gone on their knees, Bible in hand, to pray to the almighty God and Europe and... ..to come and stop the mayhem unfolding before their own eyes? Romeo Dallaire, the UN commander then in Rwanda says it all; ‘the entire devil population in hell had converged on Rwanda’. I should hasten to add however, that this was not by accident.

Arm-chair philosophy has no place in matters of this nature - at least not in Rwanda! Wild claims made by our detractors and their backers should be seen for what they are; mere divisionally red herrings which we should shrug off as we continue rebuilding and reconciling our nation.

Genocide did not erupt one night in our country as earthquakes. For a long time, sensitization and mobilization of the so called majority was deliberately carried out until the hate propaganda was well entrenched to the grassroots of the population. The government of the day had thrown to the wind important obligations, such as repatriation of its nationals, democracy and human rights violations then rampant.

They short-sightedly believed that by dehumanizing and actually decimating part of the population, these issues would just disappear!

What’s more, they had the, support of some of their European godfathers whose economic and democratic credentials were beyond reproach. It was against this backdrop that the systematic harassment, exiling and killing of Tutsis began as early as 1959.

When the RPF launched their armed struggle it was out of frustration and as a last resort. They had been told the country was full to capacity. They could either remain wherever they were or go to hell!  

The reaction to the liberation war by the Rwanda government backers in Europe has been documented; they at one time invited the RPF leaders and advised them to stop wasting time. RPF could not defeat the government in Rwanda and - if they miraculously did -’they risked finding no single Tutsi alive!

Now, Bruguiere and Fernando and their funs should tell us what they have in store for great nations of the world which were privy to circumstances that led to the Rwandan genocide as well as those, which had no idea but continued dining and wining as innocent Rwandans were being butchered to the tune of a million? Where is Bruguiere’s investigation on his country’s involvement in Rwandan genocide in terms of its provision of arms, ammunition, troops etc?

, The greedy and mean character of this world has long ceased to surprise
Rwandans - we have become numb! If a government in power can use the tax payers money, foreign aid and borrowed money to wipe out part of the population, is it not much easier to convince idle lawyers in the West to fight a case that has no credibility as long as you wield wads of dollars for their pay?

A word of caution though to those interested in blood money; flirting with genocidaires has its own down side.

 Before you call me superstitious have a look at DR Congo. Some arm-chair political analysts mainly in the West have explained the loss of innocent life in the area as a result of conflict over natural resources.

Nothing could be further from the truth. DR Congo has been losing its resources to the rest of the world, the developed world in particular, since time immemorial.

The cause of trials and tribulations in this area is the presence of the blood thirsty interahamwe supported by Kinshasa and some countries in Europe. Kenya, whose former President - Arap Moi is alleged to have given protection to Felicien Kabuga one of the financiers of genocide, is now reeling from this unholy association. Who could have imagined, that Kenya - a haven of peace and tranquillity in this region - could so suddenly degenerate into a panga and machete wielding land against itself? Associating with genocidaires has a price.

As for our ‘learned friends’, have you lost all your investigative skills? Don’t you risk being accused of professional complacency? You could even come to Rwanda so as to have a balanced picture of things; we welcome even those who committed genocide.

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