Bruguière connived with Chirac to smear Rwanda – Wikileaks

French Judge, Jean-Louis Bruguière, consulted with officials in the Government of France, including the President at the time, Jacque Chirac, before issuing his politically motivated indictments against top RPF officials in 2006.

According to the United States confidential diplomatic cables leaked by whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, the retired French Judge confirmed that he had “conferred” with the Government of France, including President Chirac, on the timing and fallout of his issuance of arrest warrants against top RPF officials.

In November 2006, Bruguière issued controversial indictments against nine former senior officials in the Rwanda Patriotic Army, claiming that they deliberately assassinated former President Juvenal Habyarimana in order to provoke genocide.

Bruguière's indictments, which were clearly politically motivated, were roundly denounced by the International community, including the African Union.  The Government of Rwanda, severed diplomatic relations after the indictments were issued.

According to the leaks released last week, Bruguiere “confirmed that he had consulted within the Government of France on his issuance of arrest warrants in the cases brought against nine of President Kagame’s top aides for assassination of Habyarimana and three French aircraft crew.”

“He said he presented his decision to French officials, including President Chirac, to consult with them because he was convinced of the need to coordinate timing with the government,” a section of the leaked documents reads.

It further states that Bruguière said he was not surprised by Rwanda’s official reaction, and said that the French Government had prepared for what it thought would be a violent response against French nationals.

The leaks further reveal that Bruguière presented his case in a manner that did not hide his personal desire to see the Rwandan government isolated, and expressed his resentment towards the relations between Rwanda and the United States government.

The leaks also reveal that in all these efforts, Bruguière’s ultimate ambition was to become France’s Minister of Justice.
Bruguiere, according to Wikileaks, was doubtful the ICTR would take up the case. Indeed, the indictments have since been disregarded, as the international community have come to the conclusion that they are nothing but a smear job.

Rwanda and France have since restored diplomatic relations and the two countries have agreed to embark on a new era of relations.



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