Cultural entertainment a uniting factor—mayor

BUGESERA — Cultural entertainment should be used to promote unity and reconciliation among Rwandans, a district official said.


BUGESERA — Cultural entertainment should be used to promote unity and reconciliation among Rwandans, a district official said.

Addressing residents who turned up for a cultural entertainment [igitaramo] at Ruhuha Sector play ground last week, Mayor Gaspard Musonera said: “These events [igitaramo] are good for the nation because they help local leaders to deliver the messages of unity, reconciliation and other government policies.”

The entertainment was staged by members of FOJAR- an association of soldiers and civilian artists composing of army jazz band members and local artists most of whom play different drama series on Rwanda television and on different national and international radio stations.

It featured local songs, poems, dance and miming.

On development, the mayor said what is vital for development is available including peace and security and a country’s vision; but it only requires commitment and self determination among citizens to propel the country to greater heights and reduce dependence on donors.

“Only our commitment to what we do can improve our welfare. It’s the only way one can be competitive over others. Development is about practical things, one should engage in whatever he does with commitment and desist from working for the sake of it,” the mayor said.
John Ngabonziza the president of FOJAR told reporters after the show that the event was meant to highlight what the government has done in terms of economic development and its role in uniting and reconciling Rwandans.

“I think you have heard and seen what we have staged. All songs, dances, mimes and plays were centered on  economic development, unity and reconciliation that the government ushered in when it took over power in 1994,” Ngabonziza said.

The mayor, who was also the guest of honour, urged the group to extend similar events to all the 15 Sectors across the district.
Musonera told residents to draw lessons from the bad history and detest whoever can drag the country behind.
He castigated the colonialists saying they encouraged ethnic divisions which bred hatred culminating into the 1994 Genocide and urged residents to be keen on detractors of development.

 Musonera also advised residents to fight and ‘uproot’ genocide ideologies and ethnic divisions if “they are to enjoy the fruits of economic development and attain Vision 2020.”

He stressed: “Ethnic cleavages and genocide ideologies played a key role in creating rampant poverty and illiteracy among residents before RPF took over.”


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