PM Makuza reappointed

PRESIDENT Paul Kagame yesterday reappointed Bernard Makuza as Prime Minister.

PRESIDENT Paul Kagame yesterday reappointed Bernard Makuza as Prime Minister.

This was announced yesterday evening by the Office of the President.

“According to the Rwandan Constitution, the President has to name the Prime Minister within 15 days of the inauguration and in turn, the Prime Minister will work with the Head of State to identify and put in place a new government or cabinet.”

“As the constitution requires, President Kagame named Bernard Makuza Prime Minister who will be sworn in today in the Parliamentary Building,” official communication from President’s Office indicates.

As Prime Minister, Makuza will now commence the search for those to make up the cabinet, in consultation with President Kagame.

According to the Official Website of the Prime Minister, with regard to his responsibilities, the Premier is in charge of coordinating the functioning of the Cabinet in accordance with broad guidelines set by the President of the Republic, and ensures the implementation of the law.

He also formulates the Government’s program in consultation with other members of the Cabinet, assigns duties to Ministers, Ministers of State and other members of the Cabinet.

Among his powers, he can also convene Cabinet meetings, draw up the agenda of the Cabinet in consultation with other members of the Cabinet and communicate it to the President; he can also preside over Cabinet meetings when the President is not in attendance.

The Prime Minister can also countersign laws enacted by the Parliament and promulgated by the President of the Republic, and also appoint civil and military officers with the exception of those appointed by the President of the Republic.

Among other things, he can sign orders in respect of the appointment and promotion of junior officers of Rwanda Defence Force and National Police.

Prior to his appointment as Prime Minister, 49 year-old Makuza, who is not a member of any political party, was Rwanda’s Ambassador to Burundi and Germany.

His first appointment came under Pasteur Bizimungu in March 2000, as he replaced Pierre Célestin Rwigema.

He remained as the head of a new government named on March 8, 2008, which was composed of 21 ministers and six secretaries of state.


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