I don’t think I could be Superman

If I was a hero

I don’t think I could be Superman

I am scared of heights

I think I could be Batman

But I don’t like dark knights

I suppose I could be Wolverine

But I am afraid people would stare

I think I could be the Incredible Hulk

But radiations bad for your hair


Captain America, him perhaps

I’ve always wished for a mighty shield

But I think I am not brave enough

When things get tough I yield

If I could be a superhero

I wonder who would I be

Or maybe it’s time I tried to find

The hero inside of me


My World

One day I wonder if I could have my own world. What would it be called, and how would it be? It would be an amazing world. Everyone would be happy and no one would have a frown on their face. I have already started to imagine!

There is entertainment everywhere you go; dogs dancing with their owners, people singing and people playing all kinds of games. Everyone would have fun playing, dancing and singing. If you got bored of those activities, you could either read a book or a magazine or go and watch a TV show. It would be exciting!

In my world, every citizen would have a good life, and not live poorly. All citizens would have a well-built house and enough food for the whole family living in that house. There would be a castle filled with candy hidden everywhere just for children. But they can’t take more than five candies a day!

My world would have the best arcades, libraries and schools. The arcades would have the latest video games, and once in a month there would be a sale! The library would have the latest book and sell the old in at least 3 months. Schools will have the best education.

The food will be sweet and nutritious. Everywhere you go, there will be many types of dishes; Chinese, Japanese, Rwandese, Ethiopian and many more. Everyone will have a chance to taste at an affordable price. The more you buy, the more you might get the prizes that you have always dreamed of having. That is just right!

Now what could I call a world with entertainment, the best places, food that is delicious, and a place with fair treatment? I know, I’ll call it the “Perfect World”.

Chesper Tunga Anaelah is a Grade 6C pupil

Green Hills Academy

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