What women really want

I’ll cut to the chase since we’re often accused of beating about the bush and not speaking up for ourselves, so here goes.

I’ll cut to the chase since we’re often accused of beating about the bush and not speaking up for ourselves, so here goes.

Equal pay for equal work. It’s very simple. If we’re doing the same job, it’s only fair that we earn as much as our male colleagues. That’s the only way to narrow the gender pay gap. People need to stop asking what girls need “all that money for” at a time when women support their families, pay the rent and take care of the bills.

If the position was previously held by a man and he’s replaced by a woman for whatever reason, she needs to get the same salary he used to get or even more if she earns it.

If I’m bringing in as many clients as the guys on the Team, there’s no reason I should be paid less simply because people assume I have a rich husband and so don’t need the money.

Choices and opportunities: Even with all the progress from more girls getting a good education and going on to get good jobs to concrete efforts to end child marriages, a lot still needs to be done to help women thrive.

We’re not asking for a free pass. Women are hardworking too and love hitting targets and surpassing expectations. We just need more opportunities because too often, a woman will be passed up for promotion because some bosses are worried about her going on maternity leave a year or so in or some other flimsy excuse.

Speaking of maternal issues, why are girls still largely expected to become wives and mothers as opposed to chasing their dreams? I think we need to let women decide. If they want to devote more time to their families, they should be able to do that. If they want to build their careers first, that’s okay too.

Others can juggle both. Nothing wrong with that. The point is to let them make that choice.

Last but not least, mutual respect: The catcalling has to stop. I don’t recall ever making anyone so uncomfortable by ogling, leering , whistling or hissing at them. I don’t hit on random men and if I hitch a ride or have coffee with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to go home with you.

I may wear a short dress or tight Jeans every now and then. It’s not an invitation for you to grab my butt. I just want us all to look at women as more than sex objects and I know men aren’t the only ones guilty of this. Same goes for sexism.

It’s crazy how some people can have total respect for their mothers or daughters then turn around and disregard or disrespect their colleagues or even spouses.

I think it’s time to respect each other as human beings. One more thing, we need to stop with the comparisons. People are always quick to point out who the “easiest” or hottest girl in the office is, not knowing how hurtful this can be not just to those picked on but the other girls too.

Thing is, we’re all different. Some women are tall, striking or shy. Others outgoing, ambitious, bold etc.  But so are men and we rarely pick them apart or pit them against each other.

None of these are unrealistic expectations and I’m sure many women agree.