The Trinity singers come alive

This is classified stuff and I only want people who are serious about coming with me and like no other. Nothing illegal or even unethical about this, but I’m about to reveal appalling news which strikes the heart and opens access to fun you never imagined!

This is classified stuff and I only want people who are serious about coming with me and like no other. Nothing illegal or even unethical about this, but I’m about to reveal appalling news which strikes the heart and opens access to fun you never imagined!

While on my usual encounters in search of what’s new on the entertainment scene, I bump into three gentlemen who prefer to go by the name The Trinity.

You will all either be happy with me or blissful if you get to know what I am about to give.

"Am called Sam, from the NewTimes, I’d like to be your special friend," I gallantly introduced myself at their home based studio at sonatubes and can now empower you to follow in my footsteps to great entertainment.

When I teased whether it’s comparable to the holy trinity mentioned in the world’s best seller- the BIBLE, I was stunned at the response I got.

"Sure, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but in my opinion it’s fair to say so. It was the only way we could’ve made it. It was our dream come true. He is the father, Clovis is the son and I am supposed to be the spirit," Mc Fab replies successively pointing at his two companions.

A brief perusal through their history reveals that the singing group, The Trinity was brought together hardly six months ago and the reality I later found was different from what I had immediately thought.

"Since 2002, the hot side group has matured into different factions. It’s where we started and now we are The Trinity. The development of the group has been in phases and has been possible through personal savings made while we were studying and from salaries and allowances earned from various individual assignments" read part of their history. Their vision was their driving force.

Another great thing about the group is that they have different roles and abilities. That’s how they are able to do their things. They sing in various languages including Kinyarwanda, Kiganda, English, Swahili and French.

They have recorded many song in audio including Turi Bamwe, Mbabarira, Ndaje (a gospel truck), Sigaho, a collaboration with Rafiki and acha nipite the only one with a video.

They attribute their achievements to Maggie Kenyana (For Real Promotions). Luckily I got to know them further than the musicians they are.

Uwayezu Jean Baptist (DJB)

He is also a producer and in the evening he spends about 2hours making out the best sounds.

"Once I see it, I set up the correct tunes. It’s all set up to go on make our best audio and video. I choose the time of day that to suit my schedule. But that’s what I do. All you need is access to a computer hooked up to the internet," he says and hastens to add that when he is done with his production work, they hope to launch their first 10 song album this year.

DJB who also admits he is a fun of Robert Kelly and Bob Marley is optimistic about improving the music industry in Rwanda and he says that he is going to try no matter what.

"I know it’s a challenge for me to bring a significant difference in this country’s music industry but how we view problems determines how we end up. If we choose to see the obstacles in our path as barriers, we stop trying," sys DJB.

Apart from production, DJB is a singer himself. At first he used to do gospel and later worked at One Way Production at Gisementi.

Now that he has settled with The Trinity, he says he has sunshine in his heart regardless of the conditions around him.

Gahizi Fabien aka McFab

For this 20 year old, the sky seems to be the limit. He says that whatever direction you choose, if you realise that every huddle strengthens you, and prepares you for the next one, you are already on your way to success.

That you don’t necessarily have to play by the strict rules if you can find a way that works better as long as it’s reasonable and does not hurt anybody.

"Learn to recognise on time, accept and develop your God given talents," he finally asserts.

This upcoming musician is also a good writer and because he is still in school he has vowed to use the chance to write as many songs as possible.

"Writing is a release for me. It’s a way for me to tell my story. That’s not to say I wouldn’t record a song that I didn’t write. It’s just that it has been a while since I have opened the book," he says.

When he is not singing and not at school, Fab likes watching movies but also enjoys visiting friends and family.

He occasionally goes to church and gets pleasure from music by Snoop Doggy, Akon and R Kelly.

Mugambira Jean Claude (Clovis)

If The Trinity grows to fame in the next few months, I will take the praise to the doorsteps of Clovis.

Born in Bujumbura on 23rd July 1984, Clovis is has 2 sisters and 1 brother. He affectionately talks of his father Mugambira Clement and mother Nyiranshuti Jose as caring and devoted.

His life has been an adventure of sorts punctuated with high and low moments ranging from poverty to happiness.

He remembers of the times when as a young boy, he walked to and from school every day, ate once a day, and had to find his own money to make ends meet.

"It was real hard and if there is anything I learnt, it is creativity," he says wearing a cheerful face.

Before joining The Trinity, his duo with Rafiki, Two Simple Boys (2SB) recorded two songs and since then, his music life has completely changed.

He has gone through the basic levels of education and now goes to school at Rwanda Tourism Institute after which he hopes to get a music related job but he spoke of his pride after watching his group defy the odds to keep their music dream alive.

"I am so happy that each one of us works to the best of their ability to keep our fire burning," he gratefully said.


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